WHEN: 10 Nov 2017
WHAT: MCATM Members' ARC grant successes
WHERE: ARC Research Management System.  Click here to view the full outcome report.

We congratulate the following members in their recent ARC grant successes, announced 10 Nov 2017.


Prof. Michael Fuhrer and colleagues were awarded $824,080 to set up a facility to characterise the electrical and magnetic properties of materials at extreme conditions. This is a collaboration between eleven researchers at Monash University, RMIT University, The Australian National University and The University of New South Wales. Other MCATM members involved in this grant are Prof. Udo Bach and Dr. Mark Edmonds. This research infrastructure will contribute significantly to MCATM, as well as the new ARC Centres of Excellence in Future Low-Energy Electronics Technologies and Excitons Science and MEMSI.

A/Prof. Meera Parish and 14 other colleagues from Swinburne University, The University of Queensland, The Australian National University, Murdoch University and Monash University were awarded $727,900. This infrastructure will create a quantum gas microscope, which allows atom-by-atom synthesis and characterisation of novel atomically thin materials such as topological insulators.

Discovery Projects:

Prof. Dan Li and A/Prof. Zhe Liu: to build an electric circuit model using graphene-based electrodes for the development of super capacitors.

A/Prof. Xiwang Zhang and team: to develop high-performance photocatallysts using 2D semiconductors as building blocks.

Prof. Wenlong Cheng , Prof. George Simon and team: to develop next-generation wearable tactile sensors that can mimic the sensing capabilities of real skin.

WHEN: 18 Aug 2017
WHAT: Postdoctoral and PhD Opportunity with Mainak Majumder
WHERE: Nanoscale Science and Engineering Laboratory (NSEL), Monash University.

The NSEL is seeking a fellow with extensive expertise in electrochemistry & materials science, supercapacitor or battery material characterisation, to work with A/Prof. Mainak Majumder in the ARC Research Hub for Graphene Enabled Industry Transformation, based at Monash University.

More information on the project and application details can be found at this link.

A/Prof. Majumder’s group is also offering a PhD Opportunity to a candidate with a Master degree, ideally with a background in electrochemistry and materials science.

The project is focused on Lithium-Sulfur battery technologies. Eligible high performing candidate can also access top-up scholarships to assist their living expenses.  More information on the project and application details can be found at this link.

A/Prof. Majumder’s research programs include: graphene-based energy materials and devices and fluidic systems for membrane and filtration applications. Find out more about the NSEL and its research programs.

WHEN: 5 Jun 2017
WHAT: New ARC Research Hub for Energy-efficient Separation at Monash

Lead by MCATM members A/Prof. Xiwang Zhang and Prof. Huanting Wang, both from the Monash department of Chemical Engineering. The team consisting of 33 investigators was awarded $4M by the Australian Research Council.

A huge collaborative effort from Monash Uni and 12 partner organisations, this research hub will develop advanced separation materials, innovative products and smart processes to reduce energy consumption of separation processes. Congratulations to all researchers involved.

Leading the Membrane & Catalysis Laboratory, A/Prof. Zhang’s group is focused the developing low-cost technologies for environment protection and resource recovery from waste, particularly membrane and catalytic oxidation technologies.

Prof. Wang’s Nanomaterials and Membranes Laboratory is devoted to nanomaterials research for separation and catalysis applications and other green chemical technologies.

WHEN: 5 Jun 2017
WHAT: New ARC Research Hub for Processing Lignocellulosics into High Value Products at Monash

MCATM member Prof. George Simon from Monash Engineering is a part of a team consisting of 20 researchers from Monash and 7 partner organisations.

Recently awarded $2.6M by the Australian Research Council, this research hub aims to convert renewable and readily-available biomass material and waste streams from the Australian Pulp, Paper and Forest Industry into new, high-value products that are in high demand in existing and developing markets.

Huge congratulations to all researchers involved.

Prof. Simon’s research interests include polymer nano composites, dendritic materials and novel nanostructure with enhanced mechanical and biomaterials properties.

WHEN: 19 Apr 2017
WHAT: MCATM welcomes our new Event Coordinator, Sarah Colbert

Please join us in welcoming Sarah Colbert to the MCATM community. With With a background in graphic design and marketing, Sarah has also held diverse administrative positions throughout Monash University.

In MCATM, Sarah's role includes coordinating industry engagement events, and research and professional development workshops for our Research fellows and PhD Students.

Sarah is eager to broaden her knowledge of the research centre, and help elevate it's integral work through collaborative research engagement forums.

Sarah is also a big fan of travelling, both near and far, looking for new experiences, and in her spare time can be found walking around her neighbourhood hunting down a strong coffee.

If you have news to share with the MCATM community, please contact Sarah at

WHEN: 5 Apr 2017
WHAT: MCATM 2016 Annual Report

Our vision is to form an internationally recogised hub of excellence in atomically thin materials research in Australia. Only in our second year of operation, MCATM has seen some significant leaps towards this goal.

Highlights of our 2016 activities include: 2D Materials Workshop Series, Graphene Commercialisation Industry Engagement Event, MCATM Young Research Forums and MCATM seminars given by prominent internationally recognised researchers in the atomically thin materials community.

Please click here for a summary of what we've achieved to date. For more frequent updates on MCATM's activities, sign up to our monthly e-Newsletter here.

WHEN: 8 Mar 2017
WHAT: Welcome Prof. Huangting Wang to the MCATM community

Prof. Huangting Wang from the Department of Chemical Engineering is our latest member to join the MCATM network. Prof. Wang is currently Associate Dean (International) at Monash since 2014 and previously the ARC Future Fellow (2010-2014) and the a QEII Fellow (2005-2008).

With a background in Materials Chemistry, Prof. Wang's current research interests are in 2D carbon materials and novel nanomaterials for a range of applications including filtration membranes, catalysis, green chemistical technologies and fuel cells. Please click here for a list of Prof. Wang's recently published articles.

WHEN: 16 Feb 2017
WHAT: Next-generation Graphene oxide-based water filtration technology
WHERE: Monash News.

Novel filtration devices based on graphene oxide will soon be commercially available with >$1M investment from the Australian Government. This grant was awarded through the Cooperative Research Centres - Projects (CRC-Ps) program delivered by AusIndustry.

Led by A/Prof. Mainak Majumder, the Monash team is working with Australian SMEs Clean TeQ and Ionic Industries to develop water filtration products based on graphene oxide. The Monash team also included ARC Future Fellow Dr. Rico Tabor, Professor Ana Deletic and Associate Professor David McCarthy.

Using the latest advances in atomically thin materials and nanotechnology, graphene oxide-based devices can significantly reduce the energy required to filter wastewater. Read the Monash Insider article here.