2014 News

WHEN: 20 Oct 2014
WHAT: MCATM Member won AIPS Victorian Young Tall Poppy Science Awards
WHERE: Australian Institute of Policy and Science Click here to view report.

Dr. Nikhil Medhekar was one of six Monash researchers who won the 2014 Victorian Young Tall Poppy Science Award, administered by the Australian Institute of Policy and Science, AIPS.

Dr. Nikhil Medhekar's research interests lie in the areas of materials science and computational mechanics. His expertise is computational simulations, using tools such as quantum mechanical electronic structure simulations, large-scale molecular dynamics and phase-field & finite element simulations.    He has worked with a range of material systems include quantum dots, nanowires, nanotubes, graphene and other atomically thin materials.

Dr. Medhekar's h-index is 15. He has over 40 peer-reviewed journal publications with a total number of citations over 885. Click here to view his research group's capabilities.

WHEN: 11 Sep 2014
WHAT: MCATM Director's research highlighted in NanotechWeb
WHERE: Tech Update section of NanotechWeb Click here to view the article.

Prof. Michael Fuhrer and colleagues have exploited the photothermoelectric effect of graphene to develop a TetraHertz detection sensor.

This work was a collaborative effort between the Monash University, the University of Maryland, Texas A & M University, the US Naval Reserach Laboratory and the University of Massachusetts. The team is currently working on improving the external ligh-to-power efficiency of the detector by enhancing the amount of incident light that the device absorbs.

Prof. Fuhrer said this new device is as sensitive as the best Tetrahertz radiation detector on the market, but a million times faster. This work was published in Nature Nanotechnology, read the full article here.

WHEN: Aug 2014
WHAT: MCATM Director Prof. Michael Fuhrer shares his research inspiration
WHERE: Monash Science Stories Click here to view.

Part of the Monash University "Meet our People and Hear our Stories" documentary, Michael shares his scientific inspirations and journey as an Experimental Physicist.

"The world is always richer than we can ever imagine, we have to do the experiments to find out what new things are out there... There's a line that you have to cut between knowing exactly what you're going to do and being able to go chase down the new and interesting things that comes along..."

WHEN: Jun 2014
WHAT: MCATM Co-Director Prof. Dan Li tells us why graphene can 'revolutionalise our industry and medicine'
WHERE: Monash          University Magazine Click here to view.

"Graphene-based bulk materials with rationally engineered hierarchical structures have the potential to enable a range of disruptive technologies related to water purification, energy storage and conversion, medical devices and flexible/wearable electronics. Engineered graphene materials provide a golden            opportunity to revive Australia's manufacturing and mining industries."