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Cryle lab publications

Selected highlight publications

1. Izoré, Thierry; Tailhades, Julien; Hansen, Mathias H.; Kaczmarski, Joe A.; Jackson, Colin C.; Cryle, Max J., Drosophila melanogaster nonribosomal peptide synthetase Ebony encodes an atypical condensation domain, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (USA) (2019), published online 31.1.19,

2. Schoppet, Melanie; Peschke, Madeleine; Kirchberg, Anja; Wiebach, Vincent; Süssmuth, Roderich D.; Stegmann, Evi; Cryle, Max J., The biosynthetic implications of late-stage condensation domain selectivity during glycopeptide antibiotic biosynthesis, Chemical Science (2018), 10, 118-133. Selected for the 2018 Chemical Science HOT Article Collection.

3. Haslinger K, Peschke M, Brieke C, Maximowitsch E, Cryle MJ. 2015. X-domain of peptide synthetases recruits oxygenases crucial for glycopeptide biosynthesis. Nature 521, 105-109. Recommended as being of special significance by the Faculty of 1000; Highlighted in Nature Chemical Biology.

4. Kaniusaite, Milda; Peschke, Tailhades, Julien, Marschall, Edward, Vincent; Goode, Robert J. A.; Schittenhelm, Ralf B.; Cryle, Max J., A proof-reading mechanism for non-proteinogenic amino acid incorporation into glycopeptide antibiotics, Chemical Science (2019), 10, 9466-9482. Selected for the 2019 Chemical Science HOT Article Collection

5. Greule, Anja; Izoré, Thierry; Iftime, Dumitrita; Tailhades, Julien; Schoppet, Melanie; Zhao, Yongwei; Peschke, Madeleine; Ahmed, Iftekhar; Kulik, Andreas; Adamek, Martina; Goode, Robert J.A.; Schittenhelm, Ralf B.; Kaczmarski, Joseph A.; Jackson, Colin J.; Ziemert, Nadine; Krenske, Elizabeth H.; De Voss, James J.; Stegmann, Evi; Cryle, Max J., Kistamicin biosynthesis reveals the biosynthetic requirements for production of highly crosslinked glycopeptide antibiotics, Nature Communications (2019), 10, 2613.

Additional publications

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