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Palaeodiet Research

Welcome to the Fiorenza Lab

Our goal is to gain a better understanding of the relationship between diet, cranio-dental morphology, ecology and evolution in modern humans, our closest living relatives and our extinct ancestors.

We're part of the Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute, and a member of the Development & Stem Cells, Program and the Department of Anatomy and Developmental Biology.

Associate Professor Luca Fiorenza

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Our research

Our research interests mostly focus on functional morphology of the masticatory apparatus in humans and non human primates, and on the importance of the role of diet in human evolution. We use different methods and approaches mostly based on highly sophisticated computer models, ranging from dental wear studies to biomechanics and morphological analyses.

  • The role of diet on early human evolution

    Changes in diet is a key event in human evolution. We’re reconstructing the diets of our human ancestors using a multi-disciplinary approach.

  • A real-time biomechanical study of Neanderthal anterior dentition

    Advancing our understanding on the evolution of human dentition using 3D digital modelling and engineering tools.

  • The emergence of malocclusions in transitional hunter-gatherer societies

    Analysing the relationships between craniofacial structures, occlusal wear and normal and altered masticatory function, building multi-functional computer models.

  • Diet and ecology of non-human primates

    Extant non-human primates are an important source of comparative information for the reconstruction of the diets of extinct hominins. Here we analyse dental microwear of a large comparative dataset of non-human primates.

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