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Harvey lab publications

Selected highlight publications

1. Carole L.C. Poon, Weijie Liu, Yanjun Song, Marta Gomez, Yavuz Kulaberoglu, Xiaomeng Zhang, Wenjian Xu, Alexey Veraksa, Alexander Hergovich, Amin Ghabrial and Kieran F. Harvey (2018). A Hippo-like signaling pathway controls tracheal morphogenesis in Drosophila melanogaster. Developmental Cell. 47: 564-575.

2. Joseph H.A. Vissers, Francesca Froldi, Jan Schroder, Anthony T. Papenfuss, Louise Y. Cheng and Kieran F. Harvey (2018). The Scalloped and Nerfin-1 transcription factors cooperate to maintain neuronal cell fate. Cell Reports. 25: 1561-1576.

3. Samuel A. Manning, Lucas G. Dent, Shu Kondo, Ziqing W. Zhao, Nicolas Plachta and Kieran F. Harvey (2018). Dynamic fluctuations in subcellular localization of the Hippo pathway effector Yorkie in vivo. Current Biology. 28: 1651-1660.

4. Kieran F. Harvey, Xiaomeng Zhang and David M. Thomas (2013). The Hippo pathway and human cancer. Nature Reviews Cancer. 13: 246-257.

5. Carole L.C. Poon, J.I. Lin, Xiaomeng Zhang and Kieran F. Harvey (2011). The sterile 20-like kinase Tao-1 controls tissue growth by regulating the Salvador-Warts-Hippo pathway. Developmental Cell. 21: 896-906.

6. Kieran F. Harvey, Cathie M. Pfleger and Iswar K. Hariharan (2003). The Drosophila Mst ortholog, hippo, restricts growth and cell proliferation and promotes apoptosis. Cell 114, 457-467.

Additional publications

A full list of Harvey Lab publications can be viewed on PubMed.