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Huntington lab members

Professor Nicholas Huntington

Laboratory Head - Cancer Immunotherapy


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Dr Sebastian Scheer

Senior Research Fellow                                                                         

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Twitter - @SebScheer

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Research Area of Interest - EPIIC: Epigenetic Pathways in Infection, Inflammation and Cancer.

From an immunoparasitology background and having worked on T cell differentiation for the last couple of years, interest has now extended to cancer biology and especially the epigenetic status of relevant immune cells (NK cells, DCs and T cells) in the tumour microenvironment.

Current Research Projects

  1. Epigenetic pathways in NK cell development
  2. Epigenetic status of immune cells in the tumour microenvironment using cutting edge molecular biology techniques, such as single cell RNA seq and Cut&Tag
  3. Analysis of the epigenetic status of patient’s immune cells for the improvement of personalised medicine

Dr Hae-Young Park

Research Fellow                                                                                                    

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Research Areas of Interest - Understanding complex relationships among immune cells and innate/adaptive immune responses which we can use this knowledge for developing new therapeutic applications.

Current research activities

  1. Understanding the role of NK-DC crosstalk within the tumour microenvironment
  2. Role of conventional type 1 DCs (cDC1s) for anti-tumour immunity
  3. Role of NK cells for the cDC1 recruitment and retention within TME
  4. Role of intratumoral production of FLT3L by NK cells within TME
  5. Development of the NK-DC crosstalk based potential therapeutic applications

Dr Aline Pfefferle

Research Fellow                                                                                                    


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Research Area of Interest – Deciphering basic NK cell biology, from repertoire diversity at homeostasis to its impact on proliferation kinetics and cytotoxic capacity, through the use of single-cell technologies and CRISPR/Cas9 with the aim of developing an improved NK cell-based immunotherapy product.

Current Research Projects

  1. Using single-cell RNA-seq to explore cellular programs driving NK cell expansion kinetics
  2. Characterizing tumor-infiltrating NK cells from melanoma patients

Dr Momeneh Foroutan

Research Fellow                                                                                                    


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Research Areas of Interest –

  1. Prognostic and Predictive biomarker discovery for cancer immunotherapy with focus on Natural Killer (NK) cells
  2. Computational predictive modelling of response to therapy in cancer
  3. Analysis and computational development of tools and interactive web applications for single cell and bulk sequencing data, with more focus on transcriptomics

Current Research Projects –

  1. Finding immunotherapy biomarkers based on Natural Killer (NK) cells for advanced prostate cancer by dissecting tumour cell, microenvironment, and immune cell heterogeneity
  2. Investigating the impact of chemotherapy in metastatic colorectal cancer patients and finding NK cell biomarkers for combination therapy

Thao Nguyen

Senior Research Officer/ Laboratory Manager                                                   

Phone: 9905 6908


Tania Camilleri

Senior Animal Technologist


Phone: 9905 6897


Julie Carpenter

Operations Manager                                                                                           


Phone: 9905 0859


Harry Sudholz

Honours Student



Dr. Jai Rautela                Dr Fernando Guimaraes

Robert Hennessey          Dr Rebecca Delconte

Lizeth Meza