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Lithgow Laboratory

Bacterial Cell Biology

Welcome to the Lithgow Lab

We are working to understand how bacterial cell surfaces dictate antimicrobial resistance, and their vulnerability to bacteriophage and antibodies.

We're part of the Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute, and a member of the Infection Program and the Department of Microbiology.

Professor Trevor Lithgow

My global research connections, partners and funding can be viewed on my Monash Research Profile.

I am the Director of the newly established multi-disciplinary Centre to Impact AMR. Join the conversation on twitter@centretoimpactamr or facebook@CentreImpactAMR.

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Our research

Bacterial infections and contamination are major issues effecting many aspects of health, society and industry. Of most recent global concern is the rise of antimicrobial-resistance (AMR) in bacteria, creating so-called “superbugs”. Fundamental aspects of bacterial cell biology need to be understood, if we are to design new therapies and decontamination procedures that would be cost-effective, environmentally safe, and life-saving.

  • Imaging bacterial cellscapes at nanoscale.

    We isolate bacteria from sites in built or natural environments and use a range of nanoscale methods to view and understand the bacterial cell surface (cellscape).

  • Understanding and reversing the evolution of antimicrobial resistance in bacteria

    The evolution of AMR phenotypes in bacterial pathogens is a global problem, and one of the features of this evolutionary process is the remodelling of bacterial outer membranes.

  • Bacteriophage discovery and evolution.

    We are surveying diverse environments to discover new phage that kill Klebsiella and Salmonella, analysing the phage structure using cryo-electron microscopy, and their evolution via comparative genomics.

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