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Miller Laboratory

Perceptual and Clinical Neuroscience

Welcome to the Miller Lab

Our lab conducts perceptual and clinical neuroscience research at all levels from discovery through translation and implementation, focusing on visual neuroscience, consciousness, mood disorders, pain disorders, and other psychiatric and neurological disorders.

We're part of the Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute, and a member of the Neuroscience Program
and the Department of Physiology.

Dr Steven Miller

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Our research

Our research focuses on mechanisms, individual differences, genetics and clinical applications of a visual phenomenon – binocular rivalry. We are also examining a simple, inexpensive and safe brain stimulation technique – vestibular neuromodulation – as a treatment for persistent pain states, mood disorders and other psychiatric and neurological disorders. A third focus of the lab is the scientific and theoretical study of visual and phenomenal consciousness. In addition to our discovery and translational research, a recent implementation focus has been development of a neuroscience-informed model of care for persistent pain management.

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