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Rajan lab publications

Selected highlight publications

1. Allitt B, Johnstone V, Richards K, Yan E and Rajan R. 2015. Progesterone exacerbates short-term effects of traumatic brain injury on supragranular responses in sensory cortex and overexcites infragranular responses in the long-term. J Neurotrauma.

2. Mokri Y, Worland K, Ford M and Rajan R. 2015. Effect of background noise on neuronal coding of interaural level difference cues in rat inferior colliculus. Eur. J. Neurosci. 42, 1685-1704.

3. Alwis DS and Rajan R. 2013. Environmental enrichment causes a global potentiation of neuronal responses across stimulus complexity and lamina of sensory cortex. Front Cellular Neurosci. 7, 1-18.

4. Wang C, Brunton E, Haghgooie S, Cassells K, Lowery A and Rajan R. 2013. Characteristics of electrode impedance and stimulation efficacy of a chronic cortical implant using novel annulus electrodes in rat motor cortex. J Neural Eng. 10, 1-19.

5. Burns OM and Rajan R. 2008. Learning in a task of complex auditory streaming and identification. Neurobiology of Learning & Memory. 89, 448-461.

Additional publications

A full list of Rajan Lab publications can be viewed on his Monash Research Profile.