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Young Artist Competition

Young artist winner announced

Congratulations to our winner, Jarrod Stains of the Gamilaroi region (South West Queensland), with his artwork “Food Dreaming”. Jarrod's artwork will be featured in our HEALTHY STORiES = GOOD FOOD 2021 online series. The working group held an art competition in 2020 leading up to the event. The artwork was selected with the HEALTHY STORiES = GOOD FOOD 2021 online series First Nations selection committee to best represent the event.

Reflecting on his artwork, Jarrod says, "In this artwork I have tried to represent HEALTH STORiES in a number of ways. In the middle of the painting is a group of people eating - we come together at meal time. The situation in which we eat is equally as important as the food we eat. Surrounding these are nuts, berries and witchetty grubs - important traditional food sources that our old people survived off for millennia, we need to take lessons from these (even if our food sources have changed) and watch what we are eating always.Stretching in four directions are the journeys we make for food, with a yam plant in each corner and bush food extended off of the branches. This represents our health journey, there are many paths we can take. The hands and spirals represent the relationships to people we have. These can also be important in our relationship with food, we need to surround ourselves with the right people and also encourage each other to eat well and nurture each other in times of health and illness alike."

We thank all the entrants connected to remote communities of Australia for their participation in our Young Artist Competition.