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Geography at Monash

Make geography part of your undergraduate degree at Monash.


Geography is the study of earth's places, and of how humans interact with their environments. The discipline comprises both human geography and physical geography. At Monash, these two strands of the discipline are called Human Geography and Geographical Science. Human Geography studies the complex relationships between physical environments and human societies. Geographical science investigates the evolving character of the Earth's biophysical and constructed environment in the past, present and future.

Together, human geography and geographical sciences grapple with some of the most complex global challenges that face society today including climate change, food and water security, deepening poverty, uneven global development, rising socio-economic inequality, demographic change, rapid urbanisation, international migration, declining natural resources, and environmental degradation and rehabilitation.

Study options

You can study the Human Geography major in the Bachelor of Arts or the Geographical Science major in the Bachelor of Science, or, you could take a double degree of Arts and Science and study both.

For entry in to the Bachelor of Science, our VTAC subject adjustment rewards students studying more than one science subject – this could improve your ranking and eligibility into the Bachelor of Science by providing additional points towards your ATAR aggregate. Arts also offers subject adjustment for studies in VCE geography.

Study tours

Studies in geography can take you to Cinque Terre in Italy where you will study the landscape, environment and issues on sustainability. You can also go to Monash Malaysia where you will learn about the socioeconomic and development context of Malaysia. Other study tours include, visits to the red plains of Broken Hill in New South Wales, the spectacular mountains of New Zealand, and you might even get the chance to travel to Antarctica. Study abroad opportunities can also be found in one of our many university partners around the globe.


Our graduates have developed successful professional careers in weather and climate prediction, urban and regional development, emergency services, risk management, science communication and education, community and international development, and environmental science, policy and management.

They work in a range of different sectors, including local, state and federal government departments, international aid agencies and non-government organisations (NGOs), private and public research organisations, regional catchment management authorities, science communication organisations, the commercial sector, and environmental and community based organisations.

Our staff

You will learn from leading researchers in their fields. Our staff are engaged in high impact geographical research with local, national and global organisations from city council planners, state government, NGOs, and government agencies in Canberra, to the Australian Academy of Science, the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), and United Nations Population, Migration, and Development agencies.

See Human Geography Staff, within the School of Social Sciences.
See Geographical Sciences Staff, within the School of Earth, Atmosphere and Environment.

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