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Our research at the Power Engineering Advanced Research Laboratory (PEARL) aims to develop innovative technologies to deliver secure, sustainable, and reliable electric power . To achieve this goal we carry out leading-edge research in the areas  real-time monitoring systems,  advanced protection and fault location techniques, application and control of power electronic converters,  power system stability, and electromagnetic transients in power networks.


Our research activities are built around 5 central themes:

Real-Time Monitoring Systems

Application and Control of Power Electronic Converters

Power System Protection

Electromagnetic Transients


Head of Laboratory


PhD Students

  • Daniel Ryan

  • Didarul Islam

  • Dayan Rathnayake

  • Mohammadreza Nabatirad

  • Alireza Ghassemi


Multiple PhD projects are available. If you are interested in joining to PEARL as a Ph.D. student and possibly working with us send your CV and copy of your academic transcripts to and


2018 - 2020, "Monash's Smart Energy City", Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), $370k.
2018 - 2019, "Real-Time Monitoring of Power Networks using Phasor Measurement Units", Monash Energy Interdisciplinary Research Program, $100k.
2018 - 2019, "Algorithms and Software Systems for Green Cyberinfrastructures", Monash Infrastructure, $48k.



Dr Behrooz Bahrani has received the Dean’s award for Technological Innovation In Learning And Teaching of Monash University.

Dr Reza Razzaghi has been shortlisted for the 1 Million Euro Lopez-Loreta Prize.

Dr Reza Razzghi has been selected as a finalist for the Fresh Science Victoria. Dr Reza Razzaghi was the co-receipnt of the


Dr Reza Razzaghi has been the co-recipient of the best student paper award at the Asian Electromagnetics International Symposium ASIEAM’2017 for his paper entitled “A full-scale experimental test of electromagnetic time reversal applied to locate faults in power lines”.

Dr Behrooz Bahrani has received the Engineering Dean's Award for Teaching Excellence of Monash University.

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