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Digital and Data-Driven Innovation in Healthcare Graduate Research Industry Partnership (GRIP)

Research collaboration with impact.


Developing the Workforce for the Future

Monash University’s innovative GRIP program brings talented PhD candidates together with health industry professionals to solve real world problems. Experts from Monash University's Faculties will support PhD students throughout their GRIP journey.

Partner Faculties

Monash GRIP students will be enrolled in one of three participating Faculties depending on their existing qualifications and disciplinary background. More information on research and being a doctoral student in each Faculty can be found on the participating Faculty websites:

The Digital and Data-Driven Innovation in Healthcare GRIP

The Digital and Data-Driven Innovation in Healthcare GRIP, a partnership between Monash University and the health service members of Monash Partners Academic Health Science Centre, will support 15 PhD students who will be addressing healthcare problems through digital and data-driven innovations and building their skills as the next generation workforce in this field.

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  • Unique, high-achieving student cohort of 15, working collaboratively with respective industry partners
  • 3 - 4 year PhD program with a stipend scholarship
  • Professional development programs co-designed and delivered with industry partners
  • Expert supervision from both Monash academics and industry specialists

Academic Leadership Team

The PhD students will be supported throughout their GRIP journey by clinicians and PhD topic experts, including translational and healthcare improvement science, health informatics and entrepreneurial and business management knowledge across the partner organisations as well as leading researchers from the Faculties of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, Business and Economics, Information Technology, and the Monash Centre for Health Research and Implementation (MCHRI).

Industry Partners

GRIP Partners

The GRIP is supported by the health service members of Monash Partners Academic Health Science Centre. The Monash Partners health services associated with this GRIP and the contact person include:

Monash Partners

    Student Projects

      • Project 1: Alfred Health

        Using natural language processing to present data in more effective and meaningful ways to clinicians and managers.

      • Project 2: Alfred Health

        Service-wide evaluation of the implementation and effect of electronic care pathways

      • Project 3: Cabrini Health

        Utility, health and economic value of electronic medical records for patients and clinicians in the emergency department

      • Project 4: Cabrini Health

        Improving Patient-centred Care through Digital Change: Implementing a ‘lightweight’ digital platform to link with patient systems and mobile devices

      • Project 5: Eastern Health

        Using AI to Predict Clinical Risk in Mental Health

      • Project 6: Eastern Health

        Developing a Digital Dashboard for real time monitoring of patient access and flow

      • Project 7: Epworth HealthCare

        Linking hospital EMRs to primary care

      • Project 8: Epworth HealthCare

        Women in health: Developing a scorecard for organisational leadership

        • Project 9: Monash Health

          Improving procurement and supply chain management at Monash Health

        • Project 10: Monash Health

          Improving Data in Maternity care

        • Project 11: Peninsula Health

          Extracting EMR data and improving data linkage for medical research

        • Project 12: Peninsula Health

          How can EMRs be leveraged to explore value based care innovation in surgical care services?.

        • Project 13: Cabrini Health/ Eastern Health

          Defining predictors and barriers of effective length of stay management through a unified screening tool for frail and elderly cohort

        • Project 14: Epworth HealthCare/ Alfred Health

          Machine learning for physiological monitoring and epilepsy diagnosis

        • Project 15: Monash Health/ Peninsula Health

          Optimisation of clinical use of Electronic Medical Records.


        • Project 1:

        • Project 2: Efran Shakibaei

          Efran majored in Healthcare Service Management at both a Bachelor's and Master's degree levels, at the highest ranked Medical University in Iran. Working his way up toward higher positions in Iranian healthcare system, Efran has been working at different job positions circled around quality improvement and evaluation, ranging from governmental and private hospitals, to the Ministry of Healthcare for the past six years. Efran’s published studies in the field of hospital accreditation and external quality assessment systems, were published in international respected journals. Efran’s knowledge of qualitative, as well as quantitative analysis has empowered him to run complex-designed which satisfies triangulation approaches.

        • Project 3: Alex Mullins

          Alex’s professional and academic pursuits are driven by an interest in the role of data in improving health and disease prevention. Prior to joining Monash, Alex gained global experience in business development across the private sector and as a senior international strategy consultant in the research sector. Alex is currently undertaking her PhD, investigating how data can be utilised in healthcare to improve patient and public health outcomes.

        • Project 4: Ali Daemi Tehrani

          Ali is an academic in RMIT’s School of Management who teaches Managing International Business Responsibly, Cross Cultural Management, Ethics and governance, International Business, Issues in International Business, and Work Integrated Learning. Previously, Ali was running his own business for more than seven years domestically and internationally. He also worked as a leadership development manager in a business corporate. Ali’s research interest is automation of work and he is doing his PhD at Monash University

        • Project 5: Thea Zebell

          Having grown up in Spain, Thea moved to Cambridge in the UK to study my undergraduate. Thea majored in Physiology, Development & Neuroscience with a minor in Technology Enterprise, before studying a Masters in System Biology. Thea began her career in pharmaceutical research where she realised she wanted to work closer towards patients in the translational science of healthcare. Thea's cross-disciplinary background embedded my interest in the intersection of business, medicine and IT, which led her to the GRIP in Data-Driven and Digital Innovation in Healthcare. Together with Thea's industry partner, Eastern Health, Thea will be looking into using Artificial Intelligence to predict clinical risk in mental health, and implementing subsequent management pathways.

        • Project 6: Quy Nguyen

          Quy Nguyen is an information systems researcher, and lecturer at the University of Information Systems, Department of Business Intelligence Systems, in Vietnam. Quy was one of the Australian Scholar Scholarship recipients and obtained his Master’s degree from Monash University with the thesis, entitled “A comparative study of critical success factors for healthcare business intelligence systems.” After his graduation, Quy started his academic career at the University of Information Technology Ho Chi Minh City in 2018. His research interests are in the fields of healthcare data analytics and data visualisation for dashboard development.

        • Project 7:

        • Project 8 Mariam Mousa

          PhD candidate Mariam Mousa from Monash University will be undertaking the research and delivery of an evidence-based, data driven, and digitally mediated platform that enables women in medicine and healthcare to meet their career goals and aspirations. With strong governance, an experienced project team, and expertise in research, co-design and implementation science, the Epworth and Monash University Partnership will realise their shared vision of equity in leadership. Mariam completed her graduate education in Psychology and brings with her a wealth of industry based experience consulting for organizations on product and service design using evidence based strategies across the hospitality, retail, aviation and wellness industries.

        • Project 9: Tayla Wilmot

          Tayla is currently doing her PhD at Monash University on the Graduate Research Industry Partnership (GRIP) Programme in Digital and Data-Driven Healthcare. Her focus is on Improving Procurement and Supply Chain Management at Monash Health. Tayla is currently working as a Tutor at RMIT University under the School of Management for the subject Managing International Business Responsibly and has previous work experience as a Management Consultant in the Financial Industry.

        • Project 10: Jocelyn Clarke

          Jocelyn’s professional and academic pursuits are driven by an interest in mental health to improve health outcomes for women. Prior to joining Monash, Jocelyn gained experience as a Psychologist in Community Health and working with patients going through IVF treatment. Jocelyn has experience working in the Education industry as well as in Psychological research with Monash Health. Jocelyn is currently undertaking her PhD, investigating how an electronic perinatal mental health screening program can be implemented effectively across hospital departments and encourage referral pathways between hospital and community services.

        • Project 11: Arfa Yasin

          Arfa’s research project involves machine learning for predicting medical events with Electronic Medical Record (EMR) data. The first aim is to improve the representation of data to make predictions faster using FHIR. Another aim is to improve quality of care and to reduce healthcare cost by predicting various outcomes including unscheduled 30 day readmissions, inpatient death, length of stay of a patient and diagnosis for patients. In case of chronic diseases like stroke and pneumonia, a reduction in avoidable readmission's is a challenging task. To achieve performance speedup for big EMR data, cluster programming is needed.

        • Project 12: Gayanika Hettiarachchi Senarath

          Gayani joined the Digital and Data-Driven Healthcare GRIP doctoral programme in September 2019 and her PhD research focus is on leveraging EMRs for value-based care. Her industrial partner is Peninsula Health. Gayani has been in the Healthcare workforce for over 7 years and has been involved in Health Systems transformation through Clinical Informatics where she has held Informaticist, Project Manager and Governance Process Lead roles. She has led the implementation of EMR system enhancements, process design/improvements and strategic digital health projects in the past. Prior to joining the GRIP doctoral programme, she worked at Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Gayani holds her BSc (Hons) in Biotechnology from Northumbria University, UK and MSc in Biotechnology, Bioprocessing and Business Management from the University of Warwick, UK.

        • Project 13:

        • Project 14: Duong Nhu

          Duong Nhu completed Bachelor of Science(Software Engineering and Computer Science) and Bachelor of Computer Science (Honors) at Swinburne University of Technology. His PhD project is Machine learning for physiological monitoring and epilepsy diagnosis, under the supervision of Dr Levin Kuhlmann. The scope of the project is monitoring physiological patients with epilepsy and using machine learning to improve the diagnosis speed and accuracy of the clinicians.

        • Project 15:


        Professor Ian McLoughlin
        Graduate Research Industry Partnership- Digital and Data Driven Innovation in Healthcare


        Monash staff, please see guidelines here for establishing a GRIP.

        Graduate Research Industry Partnership

        Current Opportunities

        Unfortunately we are no longer accepting student applications for any of the projects above

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