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Superannuation update: COVID crisis shows why you might need more

How much superannuation is enough to retire? With the pandemic biting into retirement savings, we will need more than we think.

Google’s merger with Fitbit puts our health data at risk. It should be opposed.

Monash University news

If Google is given the green light to acquire Fitbit, sensitive health data could find its way to advertisers and insurance companies, to the detriment of global consumers.

Wellbeing and performance: What women really want in the workplace

Accounts from women in professional services firms reveal a disconnect between policy and culture when it comes to health and wellbeing.

Financial resilience: how accounting helped a food relief charity when COVID hit

When COVID-19 plunged a thriving food charity into crisis, Monash Business School researchers were on hand to observe what happened next.

Monash University news

Spotlight on Japan: shareholder activism's new frontier

Shareholder activism is on the rise in notoriously confrontation-averse Japan, with knock-on effects on share prices.

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