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Breaking through the sub-two-hour marathon barrier

Just how fast is it possible for a human to run a 42.195 kilometre (26.2 mile) marathon? In 2018, Kenyan Eliud Kipchoge made history by running 2 hours, 1 minute and 39 seconds (2:01:39) at the Berlin Marathon. The Holy Grail for marathon runners is to break the two-hour barrier. But when will it happen? And how fast can a human run?

New Measures For Global Poverty

Monash University news

How do we erase poverty? A new book takes a look at recent developments in the analysis of household behaviour on prices and how we measure poverty, taking a fresh look at an age-old problem.

Motivating Volunteers – Praise Or Satisfaction?

Using public recognition is a useful way to motivate volunteers and attract people who are not necessarily motivated by altruism.

Why Is It Hard For Mutuals To Measure Value?

New research is looking at creating a way of measuring ethical and fair behaviour that will put a clearer value on cooperative and mutual enterprises.

Monash University news

How Malaysian Corporate Laws Can Recover After Corruption

The 1MDB money laundering scandal was corruption on a global scale. How can Malaysia recover – and persuade the world it has changed?

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