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The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown the world into unprecedented territory. What is the way forward?

Since May 2020 our popular Beyond COVID-19 Webinar Series has been opening up amazing and insightful conversations with thought-leaders and policy makers, from renowned economist Jeffrey Sachs to the WHO's Soumya Swaminathan.

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Global Pension Index uncovers impact of COVID-19

The widespread economic impact of COVID-19 is heightening the financial pressures facing retirees. The Global Pension Index is a collaborative research project between the CFA Institute, the Monash Centre for Financial Studies and Mercer.

Cybersecurity: how data scrutiny can thwart attacks

Monash University news

Can a new method of analysing big datasets help organisations fight off cyber-attacks?

How donors decide which charities are worthy

People donating to charities are not looking for complex financial information to make their decision.

Google’s merger with Fitbit puts our health data at risk. It should be opposed.

If Google is given the green light to acquire Fitbit, sensitive health data could find its way to advertisers and insurance companies, to the detriment of global consumers.

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Monash University and Thrive Global launch partnership

Improving mental resilience, well-being and productivity across the Asia-Pacific region.

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