Safety and security

Safety and security

Your safety and security is of paramount importance to us. Our campuses are fitted out with the latest CCTV, electronic building access, and alarm technology. And our security teams work around the clock to protect our staff,  students and visitors. But chances are, you’ll feel so safe you won’t even notice them in the first place.

Our security teams

We have officers patrolling our campuses on foot, by bike and in cars – day and night. They’re backed by an experienced management team with expertise in crime prevention, investigation, surveillance, crisis and traffic management.

Other safety and security services include campus security escorts (upon request), and night time security buses to help students get around our larger campuses after dark.

If you ever feel unsafe at Monash

For yourself, or for someone else, you can always call the Monash emergency number – it’s the same for every campus, call +61 3 9905 3333 or just dial 333 from a Monash phone.

We have a general security number too, where you can report anything suspicious, or just ask for some security advice - +61 3 9902 7777

You’re also welcome to visit or call your campus security team directly as well, you’ll find their location and contact details here.

Report an incident or something suspicious

Call +61 3 9902 7777 if you need to report an incident or if you see something suspicious. This number is the same for all our campuses and facilities and is available 24 hours a day, every day.

You’re part of a safe community

So no matter what you’re struggling with, there’s always someone to support you. If you’re feeling stressed or down, there are counselling services that can help you cope. And if you’re ever feeling threatened or concerned by someone’s behaviour, you can contact our Safer Community Unit.

Security policies and more information

All our security policies are in the Monash Policy bank, and if you’re a current student of staff member you’ll find more information on our intranet too.


We respect your privacy, and only use the personal information you give us as outlined in our Monash University Privacy Procedure. For more about privacy at Monash, look at our privacy website and our Conduct and Compliance Policy.

Safety and security videos

You can watch the videos individually on the safety and security video library page.