Addressing global challenges

Our global challenges

Monash is a modern, global, research-intensive university, delivering education and research excellence in Australia and across the Indo-Pacific with global impact.

We’re making a positive impact on today's global challenges – whether that’s addressing climate change, supporting geopolitical security or fostering thriving communities.

Our research and teaching, together with our partnerships make this possible locally, nationally and globally.


Our impact and focus

Monash has a 60-year history of making a global impact through our outstanding research, diversity, breadth of alumni, partnerships and connections that result in new solutions and better outcomes. We do this with a global mindset that comes to life through our global locations. Learn more about some of our recent notable achievements.

Climate change

Climate change threatens the fabric of our planet – the quality of air, water and biodiversity that sustains us. Addressing the challenges and mitigating the consequences of climate change is an urgent priority and core focus for Monash.

Geopolitical security

Through research, advocacy and leadership, we’re shaping the agenda on how to achieve security and safety on a global scale.

Thriving communities

We’re taking a truly multi-disciplinary and society-wide approach to foster communities that thrive, with programs that drive positive health, economic, social and cultural outcomes both locally and globally.

Monash Lens

Through compelling story-telling and expert commentary, Lens aims to bring into sharp focus the work being undertaken by our research and academic communities and the impact that work is having on a local, national and global scale.