New Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Framework 2022 - 2030

Monash has launched a new ambitious Framework to guide equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) practice at the University, aimed at advancing and celebrating the ‘Inclusive’ goal of Monash’s strategic plan, Impact 2030.

The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Framework 2022 - 2030 builds on the successes of the inaugural Diversity and Inclusion Framework 2018 - 2021 and directly addresses its shortcomings. It is also truly reflective of the diversity of lived experiences in the Monash community.

The new Framework is grounded in an intersectional lens. Monash seeks to address the transformative effects of compounding discrimination by examining the diverse realities of the Monash community. It also reflects a whole-of-institution approach to EDI where every member of the Monash community has a role to play in creating a safe, supportive and welcoming University.

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Our commitment to EDI

The ideal destination we hope to reach

  • A community that appreciates, respects and includes Indigenous Peoples, cultures and knowledge.
  • A community that is equitable, diverse and inclusive.
  • A community where every individual feels safe, supported, respected and has a sense of belonging.
  • A network of thriving communities where systemic issues of inequality, disadvantage, intolerance, discrimination and violence do not exist.

The values that guide our practices and actions

What we are working towards

How we will actualise the Framework

Our ambitious Framework will be actualised through tangible and pragmatic actions. This will involve generating a plan of action and accountabilities that will enable, monitor and evaluate our progress. This plan will be refreshed every three years to ensure we remain dynamic and iterative. The current EDI Enabling and Evaluation Plan outlines priorities across 2023 and 2024.

This will be supported by local or specific plans which uphold the principles and further the goals of the EDI Framework 2022 - 2030, including campus-specific action plans at Monash University Malaysia and Monash University Indonesia, and Internal Faculty and Portfolio-led action plans.

“We're looking at ways to measure and build a shared vision [so] we have to make sure that this is embedded in every element of our core business in some way.” - Design Workshops, March 2022

EDI visual identity

Our visual identity for EDI

Our Framework has come alive through a new visual identity for EDI, developed by three Monash students. Together, they developed the central fingerprint motif, for its universal representation of humanity.

“Like people, fingerprints are unique, illustrating varying backgrounds, cultures and languages. Using the principles in the new Framework to inform our design work, we also ensured it was people-centred, abstract and iterative. We reached this resolution through collaborative research, exploring materials and concept discussions (plus a lot of butchers paper)."

"The new identity combines hand-painted watercolours with digital illustrations, creating contrast between the smooth gradients and the rough paper textures. Utilising a colour palette sourced from the lands of First Nations Peoples, we wanted the new identity to be derivative of the Australian environment. Our new visual identity celebrates diversity and the differences that make us unique, whether that’s our cultural background, sexuality or our fingerprints.”

Created by our student designers: Hilary, Jacob and Ruby.