Parking safety

Monash University prioritises the safety and security of everybody who studies, works and visits our campuses. When parking on campus, always consider the risks and remember your individual responsibility for your own property.

Road and parking rules

To ensure the safety of yourself and others it is important to comply with Victorian Road Rules and the University’s Parking Rules.

Mobile phones

To legally use Google Maps while driving, you must have a full driver’s licence, and your phone must be mounted to the vehicle. If you have a provisional driver’s licence, only use Google Maps while your vehicle is parked.

CellOPark should be only used to pay for your parking once the vehicle is parked regardless of your licence type.

Reporting a traffic incident

If your vehicle has been involved in an incident, or you wish to notify us of any other traffic related incident, we are able to assist by recording a traffic incident report.

A traffic incident report will be necessary if you require CCTV footage as proof of an incident. As university footage can only be released to police, you also need to contact your local police office to file a police report. The police can then contact Monash Security to request the relevant footage ( or 9902 7777).

To record an incident report we will require specific details about the incident:

You can report a traffic incident by emailing Please ensure to provide all required details.

Reporting an unsafely parked vehicle

If you are concerned about the safety of a vehicle parked on campus, such as a vehicle parked causing an obstruction or hazard, or otherwise parked in a dangerous manner, please call 9902 0222 or email

Security services

Security patrols operate around all campuses 24/7. Security cameras and emergency intercom links are also installed across every campus.

See Security services for more information about available services.

Security buses

Security and courtesy buses operate after-hours at Clayton and Caulfield to help you get around campus and surrounding locations after dark.

Emergency help points

Emergency help points (phones and intercoms) can be found on all our campuses - in an emergency, just press the button or pick up the phone to talk directly to our Security team.

Security contact numbers

To report an emergency on campus:

  • Call 9905 3333 (or dial 333 from a Monash phone)

For general security enquiries or to report something suspicious:

  • Call 9902 7777 (or dial 27777 from a Monash phone).

For urgent police, fire or ambulance help, call 000.