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Women's memory stimulated by educational, employment opportunities

Women in countries where there is higher educational participation can better recall and reconstruct significant memories in their lives – and outperform men in this area.

Medicine & health 13 May 2019

Google grant to establish world-first suicide monitoring system

Monash University news

Turning Point and partners Monash University and the Eastern Health Foundation have received a grant of $850,000 USD ($1.21 million AUD) from Google to establish a world-first suicide monitoring system.

Engineering & technology 7 May 2019

Alcohol ads in sport fuel drinking culture

Monash University research shows that repeated exposure to alcohol advertising in sport can have long-term effects on drinking attitudes.

Arts & culture 30 April 2019

Espresso yourself: Coffee thoughts leave a latte on the mind

Monash University research has found that regular coffee drinkers could get the same arousal effects from their morning brew without consuming the beverage.

Business 18 April 2019
Monash University news

More than a stripe of paint needed to keep cyclists safe

On-road marked bicycle lanes are not the optimal solution to keeping cyclists safe, new research by Monash University has found.

Medicine & health 11 April 2019
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