It’s a certain drive to question the answers and go beyond convention that makes research at Monash different. We believe that great research, when properly applied, can lead to lasting and positive change in the world.

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Harnessing the power of t-cells could shield against influenza

​One of the Holy Grails for flu researchers has been to create a vaccine that stimulates T cells – cells in the immune system that can trigger long lasting immunity. But the tricky part has been working out just how to make this happen effectively.

Medicine & health

New vegetation map to help Victoria manage bushfires and floods

Monash University news

Monash University researchers have developed Australia's first high-resolution vegetation map, focused on the state of Victoria.

Engineering & technology 8 July 2019

Letting go of gadgets: Psychological tendencies behind product disposal

Monash University research shows consumers tend to keep unwanted electronic devices in their homes rather than have them disposed.

Business 4 July 2019

Woodside and Monash join forces in innovation and research partnership

Woodside Energy and Monash University have joined forces to develop a state-of-the-art 'living laboratory' and long-term research partnership to support Australia's low-carbon energy transition.

Engineering & technology 4 July 2019
Monash University news

Monash launches mental health institute

Today marks the official launch of Monash University’s Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health, named in honour of Monash alumnus, the late Mr David Winston Turner

Medicine & health 2 July 2019
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