It’s a certain drive to question the answers and go beyond convention that makes research at Monash different. We believe that great research, when properly applied, can lead to lasting and positive change in the world.

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Cutting edge research to help tackle harassment and assault

Monash University will play a role in the development of a groundbreaking new education program to prevent and address sexual assault and harassment in society.

University news 6 February 2019

Meat beefs up men's sexual motivation: study

Monash University news

New research by Monash University shows the humble cut of red meat could help men achieve their dating goals.

Business 29 January 2019

Behaviour of social media fanatics similar to drug users, gamblers

A new study into social media has raised awareness about the hidden mental health traps affecting young users online.

Medicine & health 23 January 2019

Australians are happy with high-tech schools...but some concerns remain

While the Australian public is supportive of technology in the classroom, some parents still have concerns, according to a new national survey by Monash University.

Learning & teaching 23 January 2019
Monash University news

Ocean and wind changes cause Antarctic sea ice drop to record low

Warmer ocean temperatures and unusual wind patterns have contributed to a record decline of sea ice levels in Antarctica, Monash research has found.

Science 17 January 2019
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