Monash at a glance

Monash University was established in Melbourne, Australia in 1958.

We are a youthful organisation, enthusiastic, optimistic and accessible. We believe quality education and research can change the world for the better.


We offer a large number of courses across numerous disciplines.

At Monash you can choose from many study options including double degrees, part-time study, off-campus learning and alternative pathways.


Our researchers make highly significant contributions that bring real and positive change to the lives of people all over the world.

Student enrolments

Total student enrolments: 78,257
(Based on 2017 full-year data)

Female 44,512
Male 33,727
Unspecified 18
Residency status2017
Domestic 44,690
International 22,859
Offshore 10,708
Attendance mode2017
On-campus 65,702
Off-campus 5,645
Multi-modal 6,910
Course type2017
Higher degree research 4,874
Postgraduate coursework 20,600
Undergraduate 52,305
Non-award 478
Enrolments by location2017
Berwick 390
Caulfield 19,493
Clayton (including online) 41,278
Malaysia 8,057
Parkville 2,074
Peninsula 4,314
South Africa 2,651
Enrolments by faculty*2017
Art, Design and Architecture 2,173
Arts 8,195
Business and Economics 20,889
Education 6,901
Engineering 8,293
Information Technology 4,834
Law 3,909
Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences 14,355
Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences 2,445
Science 6,215
Other 48

*The managing faculty is the faculty responsible for managing individual courses. A student enrols through one particular faculty, but multiple teaching faculties may share the load.


Total number of staff (and full-time equivalent): 18,600 (9,445 FTE)#

#including Malaysia, 854 (816 FTE) and South Africa, 277 (269 FTE) and Department of Education and Training (DoET) non-reportable staff employed in independent operations, 70 (22 FTE).

Female 10,005 (4,678 FTE)
Male 7,464 (3,682 FTE)
Academic 8,652 (3,689 FTE)
General 8,817 (4,671 FTE)

*Breakdowns exclude staff in Malaysia and South Africa.


University Planning and Statistics