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Modular construction builds future

Monash University engineers are examining how prefabricated materials can slash costs and improve efficiency, while providing a solution to housing affordability challenges.

Engineering & technology

Watching stem cells repair spinal cord in real time

Clues to reversal of brain and spine injury...

Monash University researchers have restored movement and regenerated nerves using stem cells in zebra fish where the spinal cord is severely

US and North Korea – for the President, nothing trumps Trump

The US President's actions show he's more concerned with stroking his ego than pursuing his nation's best interests.


Refugee Week 2018: Asylum-seeking students in higher education in Australia

An initiative that gives refugee and asylum-seeking students easier access to university study has revealed some powerful stories.


Monash academics recognised in 2018 Queen's Birthday Honours

Fifteen academics from Monash University have been recognised in the 2018 Queen’s Birthday Honours List for their outstanding contribution to Australian society.

University news

Beyond bogan: what happened to Australia’s working class?

Once seen as shapers of national identity, these days they're thought of as little more than disadvantaged. What changed?


Metal-organic frameworks: a breath of fresh air for gas masks

A global-first collaboration is set to radically overhaul technology that's remained unchanged for more than a century.


Waste not, want not: a home-grown plan to turn plastic and tyres into fuel

With China no longer accepting Australian waste, an innovative home-grown solution is planned to turn plastic and used tyres into fuel.