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White South African farmers: are they refugees?

Fast-tracking visas for white South African farmers is a misuse of Australia’s humanitarian program.

NHMRC centre and ANZMUSC musculoskeletal clinical trial network

Launch of new national network to reverse the burden of musculoskeletal conditions like arthritis

A new centre that aims to redress the inequity in musculoskeletal research opens today in Melbourne.

Medicine & health
The Lancet reports low back pain as a global health issue

Global burden of low back pain – a consequence of medical negligence and misinformation

A series of groundbreaking papers warns that low back pain is a major health burden globally, and that current treatments are unnecessary and harmful.

Medicine & health

Back pain: we're treating it all wrong

Unnecessary treatments, tests and advice to rest are making the problem worse worldwide, when in reality sufferers should simply remain active.

Dengue blocking bacteria Wolbachia rolled out in La Paz Mexico thanks to World Mosquito Program

Long-lasting method to prevent dengue launched in Mexico’s Baja California Sur

The communities will benefit from a self-sustaining program that uses Wolbachia mosquitoes to provide long-lasting protection from dengue, Zika and chikungunya viruses.

Medicine & health

Image-based abuse: when a photo becomes a crime

It's believed one in five Australians have had images taken of them or distributed without their permission – and that's most likely an underestimate.


Forced adoption: five years on, there's still so much work to be done to right the wrongs

There's still a lot to be done if we're to right the wrongs, five years on from the national apology delivered by Julia Gillard.

Chronic illness and fertility

Plans for children often derailed by chronic illness

More than four million Australian women of childbearing age are living with chronic conditions like diabetes, cystic fibrosis and asthma, with many unaware of the implications their illness has for childbearing.

Medicine & health