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Potential new treatment for brain cancer

A recent study by Monash University has uncovered a potential new drug that may lead to new treatments for common brain cancers.

Medicine & health - 2020-08-14T095327.503

Who pays the price when sporting codes embrace the bookies?

Recent reports of death threats to AFL players over failed wagers calls into question – again – the cosy relationship sporting code administrations have with bookmakers.


Aspirin use linked to gastrointestinal bleeding in elderly

A new study analysing data from the landmark ASPREE trial has found that prolonged daily aspirin use increases the risk of gastrointestinal

Medicine & health

Open Day 2020 goes fully digital

One of the most important events on Monash University’s calendar will be transformed into a fully-digital, interactive three-day event this year.

University news - 2020-07-16T130312.889 (1)

Shifting the visual story on women who have experienced domestic violence

The way we depict women who have experienced domestic violence needs to shift from the stereotype of broken and cowering, to reflect their strength and bravery, too.

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COVID-19 crisis calls for collaboration with cultural leaders

A new national advisory body to advise authorities on CALD COVID-19 health messing is among key recommendations in a Monash-led study.

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New COVID-19 drug trial could help people recover faster

Researchers from The Alfred and Monash University to trial new antiviral medication that could help clear COVID-19 more quickly.

Medicine & health

eDNA sampling: Assessing the state of species in bushfire-affected areas

Researchers are using the environmental DNA sampling method to effectively assess animal populations in bushfire-affected areas.