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Workplace politics is the highest form of flattery

Cosying up to colleagues of a higher standing with the boss can boost career prospects, Monash University research has found.


A touch of kindness works wonders for cancer patients

How simple acts of kindness can significantly improve the experience and outcomes for cancer patients.


Students targeted: the evolution of a telecommunications scam

The recent targeting of Australian-based Chinese and Taiwanese students is a new take on a concept that's been around since the 1990s.


A denuclearised Korean peninsula? Not quite yet

North Korea's leadership will never relinquish all of its nuclear capacity and the United States is dreaming if it thinks it will, writes Andy Jackson.


A common but little-known condition afflicting women

It's the most common vaginal infection affecting women of reproductive age, but is often considered a non-serious condition – and that needs to change.


Bayesian networks research helping intelligence analysts get it right

A multimillion-dollar project aims to decrease the guesswork through crowdsourcing of a different kind.


Catch of the day: letting the big one get away is the key to protecting all the fish in the sea

Throwing back small fish is being challenged as we learn more about the relationship between fish size and reproductive capacity – or, why the big one should get away.


The 'most undemocratic municipality in Australia' set for a new lord mayor

Melbourne’s defective city democracy is on show again with an election for lord mayor following the forced resignation of Robert Doyle.


LGBTIQ centre: A lesson in building pride one step, and brick, at a time

Bringing together key members of the LGBTIQ community was critical to discovering what they wanted the Pride Centre to be and helped guide its design principle.