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Keeping our aged citizens safe from ‘superbug’ attacks

Failing to contain ‘superbugs’ across nursing homes can have serious consequences, with the elderly highly vulnerable to deadly illness. A new national trial aiming to address this major health problem has received $2.3 million in

Medicine & health

Monash ‘changes it for good’ in Singapore

Monash University is ‘changing it for good’ in Singapore, with the international launch of the largest philanthropic campaign in its 60 year history today.

University news
Gallery Hill

An outdoor gallery that began in the Ice Age

Rock carvings dating back tens of thousands of years provide a window into the deep prehistory of indigenous Australia.

US election

US midterm elections: the houses divided

Although the Republicans retained control of the Senate, indications are that it's the Democrats who'll prove the bigger winners.


Genetic analysis follows landmark aspirin trial

Monash University is expanding on its landmark aspirin trial,  Medicine & health

Fish bowl

Drugs in our waterways, the bugs and beyond

New research shows that medicines have found their way into Melbourne streams – and the creatures that live in them.


The hair of the dog and other hangover cure fallacies

The hair of the dog is just one tip among many to cure a hangover, but do they really work or are they just drunken fallacies?


Safer roads are no accident, but there's plenty of work still to do

It took a coordinated effort to reduce Victoria's road toll from a peak of 1034 in 1969, but there's plenty of work still to do.