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New therapy hope for growth disorders

Scientists’ discovery into how mice recover from deformity could lead to new therapies for growth disorders such as dwarfism.


Melbourne arts couple donates home to fund music and fine arts scholarships for disadvantaged students

Tess Hill and Bill Hawtin, a Melbourne arts power couple, donate Middle Park home to fund scholarships for disadvantaged students.

University news

Financial illiteracy and the perils of the credit debt trap

The credit debt trap is a honey pot for financial institutions, and that becomes a problem mostly for the poor, says John Vaz.


Why the wealthy should pay a charity levy

Monash sustainability experts believe the country's high-income earners should pay a charity levy based on a small percentage of their earnings.

Type 2 diabetes: is it what you eat, or how much?

While the disease is on the rise, it's preventable – that includes not only considering how much we eat, but the kind of foods we consume.


Friday the 13th: why are we worried?

It's just another day, right? So why is there so much superstition surrounding it?


Sex, drugs and research: review probes the world of ‘chemsex’

The dark side of the drug subculture among men who have sex with men has been well-documented. Now, research is looking at the practice in an evidence-based way, and to identify solutions.


Wind farm powers surge in green energy at Monash

Monash University has signed an off-take agreement from the Murra Warra Wind Farm in Western Victoria to help meet its target of achieving Net Zero Emissions by 2030.

Monash student, Hazara refugee and human rights advocate wins prestigious Scholarship to Oxford University

Monash University student Sitarah Mohammadi wins prestigious scholarship to Worcester College, University of Oxford

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