Delivery access guidelines

Clayton campus delivery guidelines

The Clayton campus is a pedestrianised environment. Vehicle access to the centre of campus is restricted to ensure pedestrian safety.

View a map of loading bays at Clayton campus here.

Deliveries at Clayton campus can be completed in two ways:

Small deliveries - to be walked from loading bays

Deliveries by a commercial vehicle, that can be carried by hand or trolley can park in any available perimeter loading bay on campus. This arrangement can take place any time, and does not require prior notification or authorisation from Monash Security. Deliveries by a private vehicle can park in any available perimeter 15 or 30 minute parking bay on campus.

Large deliveries - requiring road access

If an item can only be delivered by a vehicle accessing the centre of campus - due to its size or sensitivity - the vehicle will need access past one of the bollard entry points on campus. To obtain access past the bollards:

  1. When the delivery vehicle arrives at a bollard location, the driver is to use the intercom provided to call Monash Security, identifying their company or delivery. If an intercom is not available, they are to call Monash Security on 9902 7777. The Monash staff/student receiving the delivery is expected to notify Monash Security of the incoming delivery prior to its arrival.
  2. Security will visually confirm a spotter is present to guide the vehicle. A spotter will be provided when required.
  3. Security will lower the bollards to allow access.
  4. The spotter may be required to escort the vehicle at a walking pace and guide any reversing or turning vehicle movements.
  5. On departure, the spotter may be required to walk the vehicle back through to the bollards. The bollards will lower automatically when exiting.

Monash Security may not authorise access if prior notification was not provided. The delivery vehicle may then be asked to park in a nearby loading bay and carry the delivery to its destination.