Monash Planning Framework

The planning framework is currently under development following the release of Impact 2030.

The Monash Planning Framework outlines our intentions for the future of the University – and includes strategic, academic and international plans. It was approved by the University Council in December 2014.

There’s a brief overview below, and if you have a Monash login you can read more on our Monash strategic and other plans page.

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Pyramid diagram showing hierarchy of Monash University operational plans and their relevant timeframes

Plan Description Timeframe
Monash Strategic Plan The Monash Strategic Plan outlines our mission, vision and guiding principles, and explores how they can be implemented across the University. As the principal component of the Monash Planning Framework, other major University Plans also align to it. 5 years 
Monash Academic Plan These are the targets we’ve set to make sure we’re improving our academic and research outputs. The Plan focuses on engaging the most talented educators, increasing participation, improving graduate outcomes and collaborating with industries. 5 years
Monash International Plan This Plan outlines targets for improving our position in international rankings, creating opportunities for our students overseas, building relationships with researchers and collaborative partners worldwide, and increasing participation in the Monash global community. 5 years
Implementation Plan An overview of key initiatives designed to help us meet the institutional objectives of the Monash Strategic Plan. 3 year rolling plan reviewed annually
Faculty and President-led Campus Plans Here we’ve outlined the objectives, risks, measures and targets identified by each faculty and President-led campus to help them deliver on the four goals in the Monash Strategic Plan. 3 year rolling plan reviewed annually
Enabling Plans These are statements about the culture, infrastructure, environment and resources that each University portfolio needs to achieve the goals outlined in the Monash Strategic Plan. 3-5 year rolling