Opinion and insights

Opinion and insights

At Monash, we're driven by discovery and creating a better tomorrow, and proudly home to innovative, world-leading academics and researchers. Through Monash Lens, our What Happens Next? podcast and A Different Lens documentary series, you can gain evidence-based insights and perspectives on addressing some of the world’s greatest challenges. Read, listen and watch now.


Through compelling fact-based story-telling and expert commentary, Lens brings into sharp focus the work being undertaken by our research and academic communities and the impact that work is having on a local, national and global scale.

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What Happens Next?

Could the dystopian futures predicted in The Handmaid's Tale, and Brave New World become our reality? What does our future look like if we don't take action to solve the big challenges faced by the world?  Join Dr Susan Carland as she explores these questions with global experts and thought leaders to find out what could happen if we don’t change.

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A Different Lens

What happens when robots can make better decisions than we can? How is terrorism shaping our schools? Will true sustainability cost us our way of life?  This documentary series draws on the unique perspectives of academic and industry leaders to answer these and many more questions.

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