Carshare and Pool vehicles

Car sharing is a cost effective and simple alternative to owning a vehicle, especially if you drive infrequently. We have Flexicar and GoGet carshare vehicles located across our Caulfield, Parkville and Clayton campuses.

Each carshare company website has maps showing the exact locations and details of each vehicle. The table below lists where carshare vehicles are available across our campuses.

For more information and to make a booking, please visit the Flexicar or GoGet websites.

Clayton1 vehicle, 17 Scenic Boulevard (C12 car park)

1 vehicle, 58 College Way (RC4 car park)
2 vehicles, 30 Ancora Imparo Way (S1 car park)

2 vehicles, 10 Research Way (N1 car park)

1 vehicle, 58 College Way (RC4 car park)
Caulfield2 vehicles, corner of Sir John Monash Drive and Derby Road2 vehicles, corner of Sir John Monash Drive and Derby Road

1 vehicle, Normanby Road opposite Caulfield Station
Parkville1 vehicle, corner of Walker Street and Royal Parade1 vehicle, corner of Walker Street and Royal Parade

1 vehicle, corner of Ievers Street and Royal Parade

Monash has a fleet of pool vehicles which staff are able to book for business use. All pool vehicles are four-door Holden Cruze hatchbacks with automatic transmission.

The cost of hiring a pool vehicle is $8.50 per hour or $65 per day, plus 28 cents per kilometre travelled. The cost will be charged monthly to your Cost Centre and Fund.

Click here to go to the Pool Vehicle Hire System portal.

Create your profile

The first time you use the Pool Vehicle Hire System you will be asked to create a profile, including your:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Mobile number
  • Line Manager's email address
  • Licence type, number, issuing state and expiry

Please remember to add your mobile number in case we need to contact you about your booking.

You are able to hire a pool vehicle if you have a provisional drivers licence, however, you will need to supply your own P plates.

Create a booking

  1. Select + New Booking from the top menu bar.
  2. In the grey bar on the side, enter the booking date and the vehicle collection location. The calendar will show which vehicles are available.
  3. Select a time in the calendar - this will open a booking details screen.
  4. Fill in the booking form, including the start and end date and time, trip purpose, and whether the booking is subject to FBT.

    FBT (Fringe Benefits Tax) is applicable if the vehicle is booked overnight and will be garaged on non-Monash premises.

  5. Fill in the driver details, including the relevant cost centre and fund.
  6. Select Save Booking to confirm.

When you have finished making your booking you will be sent a confirmation email with a booking number. Use this booking number to unlock the key lockers.

Collecting the keys and finding your car

To retrieve your keys from the key locker:

  1. Select Departing on the touch screen
  2. Enter your booking number - this can be found in your booking confirmation email.
  3. Confirm that you hold a current valid driver's licence.
  4. The door lock will release for you to open the door.
  5. Once open, a light will illuminate the allocated vehicle key. Remove the key and close the locker door.
    Campus Key locker location Vehicle location
    Clayton In the Security Office foyer, on the ground floor of 29 Ancora Imparo Way - entry via Scenic Blvd S1 car park, 30 Ancora Imparo Way
    Caulfield In the multi-level car park, on Level 1 next to the lifts Multi-level car park, in the basement level opposite the lifts
    Peninsula In Building C, room C110 C1 car park, next to the Library


There is a fuel card located in the centre console to pay for fuel. The fuel card does not require a PIN number; however, you may need to provide the odometer reading to the petrol station cashier upon request.

Please ensure that the vehicle is returned with at least a 1/4 tank of fuel.

Returning your car

Please park your pool car in the same designated bays from where you collected it. If no pool car bays are available, please use the closest Yellow or Blue bay, and notify of its location.

  1. To replace your keys in the key locker:
  2. Select Returning on the touch screen
  3. Scan the fob on the key ring to open the locker
  4. You will be asked if there were any problems with your vehicle or booking. If you select 'yes', we will get in contact with you for more information.
  5. The door lock will release for you to open the door.
  6. Once open, a light will illuminate the allocated vehicle key location. Please ensure the tag is securely placed in the locker and cannot be pulled out.

Terms and conditions

  1. Only Monash staff with a valid driver’s licence can hire a pool vehicle.
  2. All vehicles must be returned to the same location they were collected from.
  3. Vehicles must be returned with a minimum of 1/4 tank of fuel. It is the responsibility of the driver to fill the vehicle and pay using the fuel card kept in the vehicle.
  4. If the vehicle is booked overnight, and garaged in non-Monash premises, Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) may be applicable. Any FBT arising from your usage of the pool vehicle will be charged to your Cost Centre and Fund after the end of the FBT period 31 March.
  5. If a booking is made but the vehicle is not picked up, the full cost of the booking will be charged.
  6. All traffic infringements incurred while using the pool vehicle are the responsibility of the driver.
  7. Keys to the vehicles can be collected up to 30 mins prior to the booking start time if the vehicle has been returned by the previous driver.
  8. The vehicle must not be used for private purposes.

Alternative transport options

Monash staff have different options for traveling between locations for work purposes. If the university pool cars are unavailable at the time you need to travel, the following alternatives are available:

These are available by using your corporate credit card or cab charge vouchers. There are taxi ranks located at 59 Scenic Boulevard Clayton, and on Sir John Monash Drive, opposite Building S at Caulfield.

  • Fleet vehicles

Departments and Faculties across the university have leased fleet vehicles which may be used for business purposes. Contact the fleet manager in your work area for more information.

  • Zoom meetings

Zoom has become a popular alternative to face to face meetings. Click here to download Zoom.