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Net Zero Initiative

Leading the way to a 100% renewable future

Net Zero Announcement

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Our energy target

Energy and the technology it powers has become fundamental to our ever increasing quality of life.

But if we keep doing things the way we’ve always done, we’re going to cause irreversible damage to our environment. It’s not sustainable, and it’s not fair to future generations.

We want to do more than live in a world where our planet can thrive – we want to help create it. That’s why we’re taking ambitious climate action at Monash University.

Our goal?

Net zero carbon emissions by 2030

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Our path to Net Zero

Monash was the first Australian university to commit to an energy reduction target and we're proud to be a leader in taking action on climate change.

Since then, we have been actively reducing our carbon impact and laying the foundations for the Net Zero Initiative.

  • 2005

    We set an energy reduction target of 20 per cent.

  • 2016

    We generated enough renewable energy to power 130 Victorian homes for a year.

  • 2020

    We'll build an on-site microgrid at our Clayton campus, allowing us to control when and how to use our energy.

  • 2030

    All of the energy used on our campuses will be from renewable sources, ensuring net zero carbon emissions from our infrastructure and operations.

Net Zero in action

The Monash Microgrid

We’re building an on-site microgrid at Clayton. In the next 13 years, we'll eliminate our dependence on coal-fired energy sources.

Our microgrid will be versatile enough to receive and store energy from various renewable energy sources. We'll be able to control when and how to use our energy, which means we can reduce demand and strain on the network during peak times.

Our microgrid will also help stabilise the wider Melbourne grid, making it more resilient. This will benefit the broader community, especially during extreme weather events.

Our Energy Transformation

To power our campuses, we’re solely investing in on-site and off-site renewable energy generation.

We’re ending our dependence on natural gas by completely electrifying our Australian campuses. By 2030, all of our energy consumption will be through electric-only appliances. This will ensure that all of the energy we use is from renewable sources.

We’re reducing the overall energy consumption of our operations. This includes updating all of our lighting to LED, ensuring sustainability certification of all our new buildings, and only investing in appliances and equipment that is energy efficient.

Join us in leading the way to a 100% renewable future

We’re working closely with industry, government and other research organisations to lead the way to global energy sustainability in the future.

We want to work with you to create an energy future that is sustainable, secure and affordable for all. Join us on our Energy Transformation.

Project information
Tony Fullelove, Net Zero Program Director

Research opportunities
Shreejan Pandey, MEMSI General Manager