Mental Health and Wellbeing strategy

Monash University is committed to advancing the mental health and wellbeing of our students and staff in support of a healthy University community that strives to achieve excellence and foster inclusion.

The Monash approach is ‘whole of university’, recognising the role of multiple factors and influences in achieving good mental health. This involves providing an array of avenues through which students and staff can be educated on signs and symptoms of mental illness and in developing strategies to enhance their individual and collective wellbeing.

Developing resilience is central to the experience of students and in building their lifelong capabilities for success. For staff, creating supportive environments is key to enabling their satisfaction and indeed performance. Taken together the University community is able to thrive and flourish.

The many initiatives delivered by the University are underpinned by clear policies that are in support of a healthy community. Wherever possible, Monash seeks to learn from others, to deliver the best possible experience for students and staff.

Building on decades of practice, our Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy outlines our goals over the coming years.

Strategic goals

The specialist support of the Counselling and Mental Health Programs area occupies a critical position within the overall strategy

The success of these efforts will be measured in a number of ways, including the quality of our student experience, student retention measures and staff engagement surveys.

The Mental Health and Wellbeing strategy is underpinned by data, evidence, and evaluation. Multiple stakeholders across the University play a part.

Action plan

Key Performance Indicators


We wish to positively contribute the following measures of success:

  • Overall student experience via the annual Student Experience Survey
  • Overall retention and attrition rates

Our work will be measured by:

  • Results of the University Counselling Services survey
  • Year-on-year usage data of the University Counselling Service
  • Impact of various Campus Community initiatives
  • Education-focussed research measuring student wellbeing and study engagement.

Our work will be measured by overall staff satisfaction, as measured by the VOICES Staff Engagement Survey.


The Standing Committee on Mental Health meets twice a year and oversees the implementation of the University’s Mental Health policy and Mental Health and Wellbeing strategy. The Committee is chaired by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Major Campuses and Student Engagement) and its membership reflects central divisions, faculties and students.

The Standing Committee reports to the Vice-Chancellor’s Executive Committee, to which it provides an annual report on mental health outcomes.