Capabilities and facilities

Monash researchers deliver meaningful solutions to global problems. We share these capabilities with our partners to maximise their impact and create a better world.

Research capability


Given that we conduct research over more than 150 fields, you can find Monash researchers operating in almost all industries. We have experts in a diverse array of disciplines.

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Research centres

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Many of our researchers work in research centres or institutes. These dynamic organisations, often multidisciplinary, give our academics and students the intellectual stimulation to produce their best work.

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Of course, our ten faculties are also centres of expertise. Explore our faculties here.

Research infrastructure

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Monash has a strong, integrated network of world-class technology research platforms.

These are made up of core facilities and capabilities that provide high-quality specialist research services.

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Funding opportunities

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Monash has a very strong history of success in accessing funding. We can't guarantee funding but we will work with you to explore options

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