Parking permits

If you're coming to a Monash campus by car or motorcycle, you'll find many clearly marked permit, meteredmotorcycle, and accessible spaces.

But with so many Monash students, staff and visitors, finding a space can be difficult at some campuses without a permit, and they can be hard to get if you don't get in early, especially at Caulfield.

To ease the pressure on limited spaces, consider your other options before applying for a permit, such as the carpooling programpublic transportcycling or walking – you could save time and money, and help the environment.

2018 permits

To proceed with your purchase of a parking permit, you must first read and agree to the parking rules, terms and conditions.

2018 parking permits can be purchased from February 2018.

2018 permits are valid from Monday 26 February 2018 until Sunday 24 February 2019.

Waiting lists are likely at some campuses for the first few weeks of semester as we actively manage the initial start of semester parking demands.