Parking and Permits

Contractors are able to park on all our campuses in accordance with the Monash University parking rules.

Contractors can park in Blue parking areas all day or Yellow parking areas for a maximum of 2 hours at a time at the Caulfield, Clayton or Peninsula campuses. Parking at the Parkville campus is only in the signed metered bays.

There are two ways to pay for your parking, either pay-by-app or by purchasing an annual permit.

Pay As You Use parking

If you are required to park on any of our campuses you can use the CellOPark app to pay for your parking:

  • Download the CellOPark app from the App Store (on iPhone) or the Google Play Store (on Android) and sign up, or register online at
  • Once you have registered, select your vehicle registration number and your parking zone (contractor code 3800506) then press START. Further information about using the app can be found on the visitor parking webpage.
  • Contractors PAYU rates can be found here.
  • You must start your session when you arrive on campus. When you are ready to leave campus, press STOP and you'll only pay for the time you park. The daily cap is 5 hours, so if you park for longer than 5 hours you do not need to press STOP when you are ready to leave campus.
  • If you park for less than 5 hours and don’t press STOP you will be charged the maximum daily rate.
  • When using the contractor code you can park in Blue parking areas all day or Yellow parking areas for a maximum of 2 hours at a time at the Caulfield, Clayton or Peninsula campuses
  • The contractor code cannot be used at Parkville campus. Contractors must park in visitor parking areas at Parkville and use the visitor code as per signage on site..

contractor parking using app

Annual contractor parking permits

Authorised contractors can apply to purchase an annual contractor parking permit at any of the following campuses:

  • Caulfield
  • Clayton
  • Peninsula

These permits are for inducted contractors who work on our campuses and subject to approval by Buildings and Property.

All permits are virtual, meaning that your registration number is recorded online and you do not need to display a permit or ticket on your dashboard.

When using the contractor permit you can park in Blue parking areas all day or Yellow parking areas for a maximum of 2 hours at a time at the Caulfield, Clayton or Peninsula campuses. At Parkville campus only, annual contractor permits may be used in the visitor parking area.

For 2022, permits are valid from 21 February 2022 until 31 December 2022.


2022 $AUD cost

Parking locations

Annual contractor (orange)


Can park in Blue areas or Yellow areas for a maximum of two hours at a time.

Purchase a virtual permit.

Please note that the price charged will be the pro-rata amount depending on when the permit is purchased during the current year.

Parking rules

The use of a parking permit on Monash University campuses is subject to the State traffic and parking laws, including the Road Safety Act and Road Rules (Victoria) and Monash University Parking Rules. Please read the rules prior to purchasing a permit.

Campus access

All of our campuses are restricted to pedestrians only within internal building and pathway areas.

For contractors that require access to buildings for work purposes, please email Security at to arrange access to restricted areas.

Close access to buildings on campus

The Clayton campus is a pedestrianised environment. Vehicle access to the centre of campus is restricted to ensure pedestrian safety. Access to the centre of campus is managed by Monash Security, via a series of bollard locations.

Contractors should only require approval past bollard access points for essential work purposes, requiring close access to an area. If the work purposes are not essential, contractors will be required to park in the loading bays identified on the map below. Alternatively, contractors can park in yellow parking bays for two hours, or blue parking spaces all day.

If you need to enter the centre of campus to complete work, your Monash representative will need to request approval with Monash Security, prior to your time of arrival.

If access is approved for unloading equipment, it is expected the vehicle used will park to drop off the equipment, then return through the bollard access point once this task is completed. Contractors will not be permitted to park their vehicles in internal campus areas all day.

View a map of loading bays and bollard access points at Clayton campus here.

View the delivery guidelines here.

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