Monash is committed to providing a safe working environment for all staff, students, and contractors working on site. A Safe Work Method Statement must be completed before you begin work.

Safe Work Method Statement

A Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) must be completed and a copy shown to your Monash supervisor prior to starting any work. You must also keep a copy with you at all times and be able to produce it on request.

For routine work, only one SWMS is required as long as the work conditions do not change. Generic Safe Work Method Statements can be used at a number of sites as long as the task and conditions do not change.

You can use your own template if you wish, so long as it still contains all the information required in the Monash University format. Please read our safety guidelines as you complete your statement.

Safety guidelines for a safe work environment


If you hear the emergency alert alarm tone (BEEP BEEP) secure the worksite and prepare to evacuate.

On hearing the evacuation alarm (WHOOP, WHOOP) leave the building via the safest and closest exit and follow any instructions by the building or floor wardens or emergency services.

Your Monash supervisor will show you the location of the break glass alarm in the work area and emergency assembly points before you begin any new work.

Discovering an emergency

In the event of an emergency, such as fire, chemical spill, damage to property or a serious injury, you must contact emergency services (ambulance, police or fire brigade) by dialling 000 (or 0000 from an internal phone).

Once the emergency service has been contacted, you must notify Monash security (Monash Campus sites only) so they can then escort the emergency services personal to the scene of the incident. To do this:

  • dial 333 on any Monash phone, or
  • dial 9905 3333 on any phone

Make sure that you provide security with your name, the location, and the nature of the emergency.

Incident reporting and investigation

You must report all injuries, hazards and near misses to your Monash supervisor as soon as possible after the incident.

Participation in the incident investigation could be requested by your Monash supervisor.

If you complete an incident report form from your organisation, ensure that your Monash supervisor receives a copy.