Contractor induction

Welcome to the Buildings and Property Division Monash contractor induction program.

In response to Covid-19, many University buildings now have restricted access. The Buildings and Property Division reception desk is currently unavailable to contractors.

Should you need to complete an induction, you can do so online by following the steps below. All contractors must be inducted prior to commencing work onsite.

If you have any questions, the Buildings and Property Helpdesk team can be contacted by phone on 9902 0222 from 7.30am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday.

Every individual who works on an Australian Monash University campus must complete the induction program before commencing work. That includes each employee of a company working on site.

Please register as one of the below for your induction:

  1. Contractor registration and induction - Select this option if you are a contractor providing physical services to the university.
  2. Security registration and induction - Select this option if you have been engaged to provide security services to the university.
  3. Tenant, cleaner and event staff registration and induction - Select this option if you:
    • are leasing and operating a business out of a university space (i.e. on campus cafe, restaurant)
    • are a cleaner for the University
    • have been engaged to provide goods and/or services at an upcoming event on campus

Please note contractors providing services and support to Monash Residential Services (MRS) or affiliated childcare centres may be required to provide proof of a valid Working with Children's Check.

Please ensure a scanned copy of your Working with Children’s Check card is readily available to upload prior to commencing the induction registration.

Please contact the BPD Helpdesk on 9902 0222 with any questions regarding the induction process or Working with Children Check.