vPermit System User Guides

The following guides have been developed to help you step through the process of using the vPermit system to:

  • Set up an account in vPermits (for users other than Monash University staff and students)
  • Purchase a parking permit
  • Manage your vehicles and permit

Monash Staff and Student User Guide

As a Monash University staff member or student you do not need to set up a separate vPermit account, this has already been set up for you, which you will access via Single Sign On (SSO). If you have not already signed on to your Monash account when you go to purchase a parking permit, use your Monash University logon and password with Okta verification to access the vPermit system.

Guide for other Users

This guide is a generic guide which has been developed for the following groups who can apply for and purchase a Monash University parking permit:

  • Monash Children's Centre and Monash Community Family Co-Operative Staff
  • Childcare centre parents drop off
  • Monash University Contractors
  • John Monash Science School Staff
  • CSIRO staff based at Monash Biomedical Imaging (MBI)
  • Monash Sport Community Members
  • Monash Technical School Staff
  • Monash University Retail Tenants