Research Network

Monash University’s Research Plan 2022-25 acknowledges the rising demand for responsible research that recognises power asymmetries and strong equity responsibilities in the design and execution of research, including authentic co-design and lived experience perspectives.

The new EDI Research Network seeks to enable Monash researchers to meet this demand by fostering and supporting cross-faulty and portfolio collaboration in research into EDI topics.

Open to all students, academic staff and professional staff across all Monash campuses, including our international locations. The new EDI Research Network aims to:

  • Build capacity for Monash academics to develop interdisciplinary and cross-divisional research projects into EDI topics, including publications and grants.
  • Contribute to building the evidence base in EDI topics.
  • Establish a forum of experts to provide advice to the Monash community on EDI topics, including supporting the Monash community, particularly professional staff, to evaluate their programs and contribute to the evidence base.
  • Enable networking and growth opportunities for Monash academics and students interested in EDI topics.

If you would like more information about the Network, please contact