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Adams lab publications

Selected highlight publications

1. Adams JW, Olah A, McCurry MR, Potze S. 2015. Surface model and tomographic archive of fossil primate and other mammal holotype and paratype specimens of the Ditsong National Museum of Natural History, Pretoria, South Africa. PLoS ONE 10 (10), e0139800.

2. McMenamin PG, Quayle MR, McHenry CR, Adams JW. 2014. The production of anatomical teaching resources using three-dimensional (3D) printing technology. Anatomical Sciences Education 7, 479-486.

3. Herries AIR, Pickering R, Adams JW, Curnoe D, Warr G, Latham A, Shaw J. 2013. A multi-disciplinary perspective on the age of Australopithecus in southern Africa. In: Leakey, R, Fleagle, J and Reed, K (eds.), The Paleobiology of Australopithecus. Vertebrate Paleobiology and Paleoanthropology Series, 21-40.

4. McCurry MR, Evans AR, Fitzgerald EMG, Adams JW, Clausen P, and McHenry CR. 2017. The remarkable convergence of skull shape in crocodilians and toothed whales. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 284: 20162348.

5. Herries AIR, Curnoe D, Adams JW. 2009. A multi-disciplinary seriation of Homo and Paranthropus bearing palaeocave deposits in southern Africa. Quaternary International 202, 14-28.

Additional publications

A full list of Adams Lab publications can be viewed on PubMed.