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Andrews lab publications

Selected highlight publications

1. Bayliss JA, Stark R, Lemus M, Santos VV, Thompson A, Rees D, Galic S, Elsworth J, Kemp BE, Davies JS, Andrews ZB. 2016. Ghrelin-AMPK signalling mediates the neuroprotective effects of Calorie Restriction in Parkinson’s Disease. Journal of Neuroscience 36 (10): 3049-3063

2. Lockie SH, Dinan T, Lawrence AJ, Spencer SJ, Andrews ZB. 2015. Diet-induced obesity causes ghrelin resistance in reward processing tasks. Psychoneuroendocrinology 62: 114-120.

3. Lemus MB, Bayliss JA, Lockie SH, Santos VV, Reichenbach A, Stark R, Andrews ZB. 2015. A stereological analysis of NPY, POMC, orexin, GFAP astrocyte and Iba1 microglial cell number and volume in diet-induced obese male mice. Endocrinology 156(5)1701-13

4. Briggs DI, Enriori PJ, Lemus MB, Cowley MA, Andrews ZB. 2010. Diet-induced obesity causes ghrelin resistance in NPY/ AgRP neurons. Endocrinology 151(10): 4745-4755

5. Andrews ZB, Liu ZW, Walllingford N, Erion DM, Borok E, Friedman JM, Tschöp MH, Shanabrough M, Cline G, Shulman GI, Coppola A, Gao XB, Horvath TL Diano S. 2008. Uncoupling protein-2 mediates ghrelin’s action on NPY/AgRP neurons. Nature 454(7206): 846-51.

Additional publications

A full list of Andrews Lab publications can be viewed on PubMed.