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Beilharz lab publications

Selected highlight publications

1. Harrison, P.F., Pattison, A.D., Powell, D.R. and Beilharz, T.H. (2019) Topconfects: a package for confident effect sizes in differential expression analysis provides a more biologically useful ranked gene list. Genome biology, 20, 67.

2. Archer, S.K., Shirokikh, N.E., Beilharz, T.H. and Preiss, T. (2016) Dynamics of ribosome scanning and recycling revealed by translation complex profiling. Nature, 535, 570-574.

3. Harrison PF, Powell DR, Clancy JL, Preiss T, Boag PR, Traven A, Seemann T, Beilharz TH. 2015. PAT-seq: a method to study the integration of 3’-UTR dynamics with gene expression in the eukaryotic transcriptome. RNA 21:1502-10.

4. Janicke A, Vancuylenberg J, Boag PR, Traven A, Beilharz TH. 2012. ePAT: A simple method to tag adenylated RNA to measure poly(A)-tail length and other 3’ RACE applications. RNA 18: 1289-1295

5. Beilharz TH, Preiss T. 2007. Widespread use of poly(A) tail length control to accentuate expression of the yeast transcriptome. RNA 13: 982-997

Additional publications

A full list of Beilharz Lab publications can be viewed on PubMed.