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Cole lab publications

Selected highlight publications

1. Seow BKL, McDougall ARA, Short KL, Wallace MJ, Hooper SB, Cole TJ (2019) Identification of betamethasone-stimulated glucocorticoid receptor target genes and pathways in fetal rat lung mesenchymal fibroblasts. Endocrinology, May 20. pii: en.2018-01071. doi: 10.1210/en.2018-01071.

2. Bird AD, Greatorex S, Reser D, Lavery GG, Cole TJ (2017) Hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase HSD1L is localised to the pituitary–gonadal axis of primates. Endocrine Connections 6(7), 489-499.

3. Firsova AB, Bird AD, Abebe D, Ng J, Mollard R, Cole TJ (2017) Fresh Noncultured Endothelial Progenitor Cells Improve Neonatal Lung Hyperoxia‐Induced Alveolar Injury Stem Cells Translational Medicine, 6(12): 2094-2105.

4. Bird A.D., McDougall, A.R.A., Seow B.K.L., Hooper S.B., Cole T.J. (2015) Glucocorticoid regulation of lung development: lessons learned from conditional GR knockout mice. Mol Endocrinol 29:158-171.

5. Bird AD, Choo YL, Hooper SB, McDougall ARA, Cole TJ. (2014). Mesenchymal Glucocorticoid Receptor Regulates Development of Multiple Cell Layers of the Mouse Lung. Am. J. Resp. Cell Mol. Biol 50, 419-428.

Additional publications

A full list of Cole Lab publications can be viewed on his Monash research profile.