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Degli-Esposti Laboratory

Experimental and Viral Immunology

Welcome to the Degli-Esposti Lab

Our research program aims to understand the mechanisms that regulate complex immune responses, such as those elicited during chronic viral infections, and use the information to develop improved treatment strategies by harnessing the immune system.

We're part of the Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute, and a member of the Cancer and Infection Programs and the Department of Microbiology.

Professor Mariapia Degli-Esposti

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Our research

Our laboratory uses a model of chronic viral infection to understand how viruses interfere with host immune responses. Our studies have contributed to understanding the immunological pathways invoked in response to viral infection, the pathophysiology of the resulting disease and the strategies needed to improve clinical outcomes. We have developed a number of unique models that allow us to gain significant insights about the infection per se, as well as how it contributes to the development of autoimmunity and post-transplant disease.

Our major research interests are:
- Chronic viral infections
- Transplantation
- Autoimmunity and inflammation
- Immunotherapy

  • Improving the outcome of Cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection in transplantation

  • Understanding the impact of viral infection on the aetiology of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases

  • Developing immunotherapies to limit the impact of CMV infection

Lab members

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