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Degli-Esposti lab publications

Selected highlight publications

In the last five years:

  1. Martins JP, Andoniou CE, Fleming P, Kuns R, Schuster IS, Voigt V, Daly S, Varelias, Tey S-K, Degli-Esposti MA), Hill GR. Strain-specific antibody therapy prevents cytomegalovirus reactivation after transplantation. Science. 2019; 363: 288–293

  2. Voigt V, Andoniou CE, Schuster IS, Oszmiana A, Ong ML, Fleming P, Forrester JV, Degli-Esposti MA. Cytomegalovirus establishes a latent reservoir and triggers long-lasting inflammation in the eye. PLoS Path 2018; 14(5), e1007040

  3. Bunting MD, Varelias A, Souza-Fonseca-Guimaraes F, Schuster IS, Lineburg KE, Kuns RD, Fleming P, Locke KR, Huntington ND, Blazar BR, Lane SW, Tey S-K, MacDonald KPA, Smyth MJ, Degli-Esposti MA, Hill GR. GVHD prevents NK-cell-dependent leukemia and virus-specific innate immunity. Blood 2017; 129: 630-642

  4. Weizman O, AdamsNM, Schuster IS, Krishna C, Pritykin Y, Lau C, Degli-Esposti MA, Leslie CS, Sun JC, O’Sullivan TE. ILC1 confer early host protection at initial sites of viral infection. Cell 2017; 171: 795–808

  5. Rakoczy EP, Lai C-M, Magno AL, Wikstrom ME, French MA, Pierce CM, Schwartz SD, Blumenkranz MS, Chalberg TW, Degli-Esposti MA, Constable IJ. Secretion gene therapy for neovascular age-related macular degeneration: One year follow up of a phase 1 randomised clinical trial. The Lancet. 2015; 388:2395-2403

  6. WikstromME, Fleming P, KunsRD, Schuster IS, Voigt V, Miller G, Clouston AD, Tey S-K, Andoniou CE, Hill GR, Degli-Esposti MA. Acute graft-versus-host disease results in a severe DC defect that prevents T cell priming and leads to fulminant cytomegalovirus disease in mice.. Blood. 2015; 126: 1503-1514

  7. Schuster IS, Wikstrom ME, Brizard G, Coudert JD, Estcourt MJ, Manzur M, O'Reilly LA, Smyth MJ, Trapani JA, Hill GR, Andoniou CE, Degli-Esposti MA. TRAIL+ NK cells control CD4+ T cell responses during chronic viral infection to limit autoimmunity. Immunity. 2014; 41: 646-656

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