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Kemp-Harper and Broughton lab publications

Selected highlight publications

1. Scott TE, Kemp-Harper BK, Hobbs A. 2019. Inflammasomes: a novel therapeutic target in pulmonary hypertension? British Journal of Pharmacology 176: 1880-1896.

2. Ritchie RH, Drummond GR, Sobey CG, De Silva TM, Kemp-Harper BK. 2017. The opposing roles of NO and oxidative stress in cardiovascular disease. Pharmacological Research 116: 57-69.

3. Andrews KL, Sampson AK, Irvine JC, Shihata WA, Michell DL, Lumsden NG, Lim C, Huet O, Drummond GR, Kemp-Harper BK, Chin-Dusting JP. 2016. Nitroxyl (HNO) reduces endothelial and monocyte activation and promotes M2 macrophage polarisation. Clinical Science 130(18): 1629-40.

4. Moore JP, Vinh A, Tuck KL, Sakkal S, Krishnan SM, Chan CT, Lieu M, Samuel CS, Diep H, Kemp-Harper BK, Tare M, Ricardo SD, Guzik TJ, Sobey CG, Drummond GR. 2015. M2 macrophage accumulation in the aortic wall during angiotensin II infusion in mice is associated with fibrosis, elastin loss, and elevated blood pressure. American Journal of Physiology (Heart), 309: H906-17.

5. Miller AA, Maxwell KF, Chrissobolis S, Bullen ML, Ku JM, Michael De Silva T, Selemidis S, Hooker EU, Drummond GR, Sobey CG, Kemp-Harper BK. 2013. Nitroxyl (HNO) suppresses vascular Nox2 oxidase activity. Free Radical Biology Medicine 60: 264-71.

6. Evans MA, Lim R, Kim HA, Chu HX, Gardiner-Mann CV, Taylor KWE, Chan CT, Brait VH, LEe S, Dinh QN, Vinh A, Phan TG, Srikanth VK, MA H, Arumugam TV, Fann DY, Poh L, Hunt CPJ, Pouton CW, Haynes JM, Selemidis S, Kwan W, Teo L, Bourne JA, Neumann S, Young S, Gowing EK, Drummond GR, Clarkson AN, Wallace EM, Sobey CG, Broughton BRS. Acute or delayed systemic administration of human amnion epithelial cells improves outcomes in experimental stroke. Stroke 49(3): 700-709, 2018.

7. Low PC, Manzanero S, Mohannak N, Narayana VK, Nguyen TH, Kvaskoff D, Brennan FH, Ruitenberg MJ, Gelderblom M, Magnus T, Kim HA, Broughton BRS, Sobey CG, Vanhaesebroeck B, Stow JL, Arumugam TV, Meunier FA. 2014. Inhibition of phosphoinositide 3-kinase delta protects from cerebral stroke by reducing TNF secretion and post-ischemic inflammation. Nature Communications 14(5): 3450.

8. Broughton BRS, Brait VH, Kim HA, Lee S, Chu HX, Gardiner-Mann CV, Guida E, Evans MA, Miller AA, Arumugam TV, Drummond GR and Sobey CG. Sex Dependent Effects of G Protein-Coupled Estrogen Receptor Activity on Outcome After Stroke. Stroke 45(3):835-41, 2014.

9. Norton CE, Broughton BRS, Jernigan NL, Walker BR, and Resta TC. Enhanced Depolarization-Induced Pulmonary Vasoconstriction Following Chronic Hypoxia Requires EGFR-dependent Activation of NAD(P)H Oxidase 2. Antioxidants and Redox Signaling 18(14): 1777-88, 2013.

10. Broughton BRS, Reutens DC and Sobey CG. Apoptotic mechanisms following cerebral ischemia. Stroke. 40(5): e331-e339, 2009.

Additional publications

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