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Whether you want to research, invest, donate or partner with us to accelerate our life-changing discoveries, we'd be delighted to hear from you. We have opportunities for PhD students, post docs and senior researchers to join our lab. Feel free to contact Tony with any queries.

Industry involvement

Much of our research is underpinned by collaborations with industry and instrument vendors.

Vendor engagement and collaboration

One-omics and new applications in mass spectrometry in infection and immunity with SCIEX

Precision Immunology with ThermoScientific and Agilent

Industry collaboration

New insights and cures for Psoriasis and Rheumatoid Arthritis with Janssen Pharmaceuticals

Next generation cancer vaccines with Evaxion Biotech

Clinical partners

Our research program is highly focused towards translational medicine in the pursuit of improved clinical outcomes for patients. We are actively engaged in collaborative clinical projects with The Alfred Hospital, Box Hill Hospital, Royal Melbourne Hospital and Monash Medical Centre.

Internationally, we are part of a multidisciplinary medical oncology effort based in Oxford and Southampton in the UK. Tony is a Visiting Professor in Cancer Sciences at the University of Southampton. We are also involved in collaborations with the Center for Drug Safety Science at the University of Liverpool

Selected funding groups

We gratefully acknowledge the funding given to our lab by the following groups:

National Health and Medical research Council (NHMRC) Australia

2015-2019 NHMRC Project Grant 1084283 (Tscharke, Purcell, Croft) "A systems approach to understand anti-viral immunity"
2017-2020 NHMRC Project 1122099 (Purcell, Vivian) “The molecular basis of HLA-linked drug hypersensitivity”
2017-2020 NHMRC Project 1122524 (Kedzierska, Tong, Miller, Purcell, Gras) “Generation of protective immunity against severe influenza disease in Indigenous Australians”
2018-2022 NHMRC Principal Research Fellowship 1137739 (Purcell) “Understanding the complexity of antigen presentation”
2019-2021 NHMRC Project 1165490 (Purcell) “Diversification of immune responses through unanticipated proteolytic mechanisms”

Cancer Council Australia

2019-2021 Cancer Council Australia 1164657 (Jenkins, Purcell, Hansford)”Designing Chimeric Antigen Receptor T cells for treating Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG)”

National Institutes of Health (NIH) USA

2014-2019 NIH R01AI111965-01 (Li, Forrest, Song, Purcell, Velkov, Herzog, Creek, Kaye) "New Tricks for 'Old' Drugs: PK/PD of Polymyxin Nonantibiotic Combinations"
2015-2020 NIH R01AI119446 Grant (Kaye, Li, Nation, Forrest, Purcell, Scheetz, Wunderink, Stevenson, Kwa, Calfee, Pogue) "Optimizing Clinical Use of Polymyxin B: Teaching an Old Drug to Treat Superbugs"

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) USA

2019-2020 JDRF Project Grant 1-SRA-2019-806-S-B (Purcell, Faridi) “Identifying the source and nature of spliced and hybrid insulin peptides”

Cancer Research UK (CRUK)

2016-2020 Cancer Research UK Accelerator Program Grant A21998 (Johnson, Woelk, Vijayanand, Sanchez-Elsner, Ternette, Lord, Purcell, Middleton, Glennie, Lu, Ottensmeier, Cerundolo, Cragg, Kessler, Thomas) “Molecular analysis of the success determinants and mechanisms of solid tumour immunotherapy”

Medical Research Council (MRC) UK

2018-2021 Medical Research Council (Naisbett, Pirmohamed, Purcell, Park, Meng) “Definition of the naturally-processed drug-peptide adducts that can act as functional T-cell antigens”

National Psoriasis Foundation (USA)

2019-2020 National Psoriasis Foundation (USA) (Braun, Purcell) “Dissecting the role of HLA-Cw6 for the presentation of antigens in Psoriasis”, $100K

Industry Funding

2017-2020 Janssen Pharmaceuticals Collaborative project (Rossjohn, Purcell, La Gruta, Reid) “New therapeutics for Rheumatoid Arthritis”
2018-2021 Janssen Pharmaceuticals Collaborative Grant (Rossjohn, Purcell, Vivian, La Gruta) “New therapeutics to treat Psoriasis”
2019-2022 Evaxion Biotech (Purcell, Passantino) “Antigen presentation in cancer: new tools for the selection and prediction of cancer immunotherapy targets”