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Roujeinikova lab publications

Selected highlight publications

1. Modak, J.K., Liu, Y.C., Supuran C.T. and Roujeinikova, A. (2016) Structure-activity relationship for sulfonamide inhibition of Helicobacter pylori α-carbonic anhydrase. J. Med. Chem. 59, 11098-11109.

2. Machuca, M.A., Johnson K.S., Liu, Y.C., Steer, D.L., Ottemann K.M. and Roujeinikova, A. (2017) Helicobacter pylori chemoreceptor TlpC mediates chemotaxis to lactate. Sci Reports 7, 14089.

3. Tohidpour, A., Gorrell, R. J., Roujeinikova, A. (co-corresponding author) and Kwok, T. (2017) The middle fragment of Helicobacter pylori CagA induces actin rearrangement and triggers its own uptake into gastric epithelial cells. Toxins 9, 237.

4. Ud-Din, A.I. and Roujeinikova, A. (2017) Methyl-accepting chemotaxis proteins: a core sensing element in prokaryotes and archaea. Cell. Mol. Life Sci. 74, 3293-3303.

5. Andrews, D.A., Nesmelov, Y.E., Wilce, M.C. and Roujeinikova, A. (2017) Structural analysis of variant of Helicobacter pylori MotB in its activated form, engineered as chimera of MotB and leucine zipper. Sci Reports 7, 13435.

Additional publications

A full list of Roujeinikova Lab publications can be viewed on PubMed.