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Whether you want to research, invest, donate or partner with us to accelerate our life-changing discoveries, we'd be delighted to hear from you. We have opportunities for PhD students, post docs and senior researchers to join our lab. Feel free to contact Professor Turner with any queries.

Selected funding groups

We gratefully acknowledge the funding given to our lab by the following groups:

2015-2019 NHMRC program grant #1071916 CIA Keslo A, CIB Turner SJ, CIC Jackson DC, CID Brown LE, CIE Chen W, CIF Kedzierska K, CIG Doherty PC. Title: Limiting the impact of influenza
2016-2020 NHMRC Principal Research Fellow
2017-2019 ARC Discovery Project, DP170102020. CIA Turner SJ, CIB Rao S. Title: How enhancers regulate T cell differentiation and function: How, when, why?
2017-2020Turner SJ. Single cell transcriptomics of influenza A virus specific T cell responses. NIH CIERS concept project.