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Turner lab publications

Selected highlight publications

1. Russ BE, Olshansky M, Li J, Nguyen MLT, Gearing LJ, Nguyen THO, Olson MR,. McQuilton HA, Nüssing S, Chen E, Khoury G, Purcell DFJ, Hertzog PJ, Rao S and Turner SJ. Regulation of H3K4me3 at transcriptional enhancers characterizes acquisition of virus-specific CD8+ T cell lineage-specific function. Cell Reports, 21: 3624-3636

2. Olson MR, Chua, BY, Doherty PC, Jackson DC and Turner SJ. Competition Within the Virus-Specific CD4 T Cell Pool Limits the T Follicular Helper Response After Influenza Infection. Immunol Cell Biol., 94: 729-740, 2016

3. Nguyen MLT, Hatton L, Li J, OlshanskyM, Kelso A, Russ BE and Turner SJ. Dynamic regulation of permissive histone modifications and GATA3 underpin acquisition of Granzyme A expression by activated CD8+ T cells. Eur J Immunol. 46:307-318, 2015.

4. Russ BE, Olshansky M, Li J, Smallwood HS, Denton AE, Prier JE, Stock AT, Nguyen MLT, Rowe S, Olson MR, Finkelstein DB, Kelso A, Thomas PG, Speed TP, Rao S and Turner SJ. Distinct epigenetic signatures delineate transcriptional programs during virus-specific CD8+ T cell differentiation. Immunity. 41:853-865

5. Harland K, Fox A, Kedzierska K, Turner SJ and Kelso A. Influenza virus-specific memory CD8+ T cells display limited phenotypic and functional plasticity during secondary activation in an alternative cytokine environment. J Immunol 201:3282-3293, 2018.

6. Wang Z, Wan Y, Nguyen THO, Sant S, Quiñones-Parra SM, Crawford J, Eltahla AA, Rizzetto S, Bull RA, Qiu C, Koutsakos M, Clemens EB, Loh L, Zhu L, Chen T, Liu L, Cao P, Ren P, Zhang X, Kedzierski L, Kotsimbos TC, McCaw JM, La Gruta NL, Turner SJ, Cheng AC, Luciani F, Doherty PC, Thomas PG, Xu J and Kedzierska K. Prolonged CD38+HLA-DR+PD-1+ expression and ineffective clonal expansions during fatal H7N9 disease, Nat Comms 26: 824, 2018.

7. Achuthan A, Aslam S, Nguyen Q, Lam P-Y, Fleetwood A, Frye A, Louis C, Lee K, Smith J, Cook A, Olshansky M, Turner SJ and Hamilton. Glucocorticoids promote apoptosis of proinflammatory monocytes by inhibiting ERK activity.  Cell Death Dis. 15: 267, 2018.

8. Li J and Turner SJ. T cell Lego: Identifying the master builders and what they do. Immunity, 48: 185, 2018.

Additional publications

Influenza, T cell, Immunology, Epigenetics, CD8+ T cell, vaccine, T cell memory.

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