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Introducing the Grid Innovation Hub

Monash University Energy Institute’s Grid Innovation Hub is a collaborative research vehicle bringing together industry, government and our world-leading researchers to tackle some of the most important opportunities of our time through ingenious research and inspiring education.

Australia’s energy sector is embarked on dramatic transformation, driven by new technologies and increasingly empowered customers. New energy infrastructure, new market designs and dynamic regulatory environments are required for the rapidly approaching low-carbon world.

Cutting-edge data science and grid engineering for next-generation energy technology combined with world-leading market and regulatory design, give Grid Innovation Hub its true interdisciplinary approach to the creation of new opportunities for Australia to lead the world in energy.

Research agenda

The Grid Innovation Hub explores the following key overarching questions:

  • National Energy Systems

    How can the system be planned for economic efficiency, reliability and security on the way to 100% renewables?

    How do we manage secure operation of the bulk energy system with a high level of penetration of variable renewable energy sources?

    How can we repurpose the national grid and pipeline network to support a decentralised energy system?

  • Regional and Local Energy Systems

    How do we use new ‘smart’ digital technologies to integrate small-scale storage and large amounts of rooftop solar energy production into existing grid infrastructure?

    What is the best mix of grid-side and customer side technologies in the distribution grid and what new policies and markets do we need to efficiently adapt our grids to rapid take-up by customers of storage and distributed energy resources (DER)?

  • Customers and their Energy Systems

    How can the energy sector work collaboratively with customers as they become empowered prosumers enabled by the ‘smart’ distributed energy revolution?

    What is the effect of customer choice and empowerment on operation of the national energy system?

Integration of renewable energy into the grid

There is an enormous imperative to change the way we produce and use energy to mitigate climate change while eradicating energy poverty. Solar and wind power are increasingly replacing coal and gas-fueled energy generation towards a sustainable energy future. However, variable renewable generation is reliant on new technologies to efficiently and reliably integrate energy supply into the electric network.

Researchers from Monash Energy Institute's Grid Innovation Hub are undertaking studies into how additional renewable energy can be connected to our electric grid. In this article, we introduce some of the complexities faced by our electric grid and the work that Grid Innovation Hub PhD scholars are doing towards addressing challenges faced by our energy sector.

Our people

  • Professor Tony Marxsen OAM

    Board Chairman
    Independent Chair

  • Dr Sarah Goodwin

    Director (Research)
    Monash University

  • Dr Behrooz Bahrani

    Director (Research)
    Monash University

  • Associate Professor Guillaume Roger

    Director (Research)
    Monash University

  • Larisa Teterevkova

    Board secretariat
    Monash University

  • Nick Irvine

    Board member
    Vicinity Centres


  • Stability-enhancing measures for weak grids

  • Integrating energy storage into the NEM

    Bidding, clearing, settlement, dispatch and ancillary markets

Our facilities

The Grid Innovation Hub utilises a range of facilities as part of Monash's energy infrastructure.