Freedom of Information

The Victorian Freedom of Information Act (1982) gives persons the right to access documents of an agency, subject to some specified exemptions. Monash University is specified as an agency under the FOI Act and therefore subject to its provisions.

The definition of document in the FOI Act covers a broad range of material in addition to paper form including: maps, films, microfiche, photographs, computer printouts, email, computer discs, data stored on a computer and videotapes CCTV and any other medium used to store information.

FOI Applications

All requests for access to documents under the FOI Act must be made in writing to the address listed below and accompanied by the prescribed application fee of $30.10

Payment of the application fee can be made online via this link

It is strongly advised that applicants use this form for their application

The application must be sent to the address below or via email to:

The Freedom of Information Officer
Executive Services
Administration A, 34 Exhibition Walk
Monash University  VIC  3800

Telephone inquiries can be made to the Freedom of Information Officer on (03) 9905 5137 or email to:

What documents are available?

The right of access extends to documents of Monash University other than exempt documents which are in its possession and which are covered by the FOI Act.  These include:

  • Documents created by Monash University
  • Documents supplied to Monash by an external organisation or individual
  • Documents relating to your own personal affairs, regardless of the age of the documents
  • Documents of a non-personal nature which are not older than 5 July 1978

Monash University is not obliged to create documents in response to a request - the obligation is only to provide access to existing documents.

Where exemptions apply to documents, the information is not required to be released, whether it is the whole document or part of the document. The types of documents exempted include:

  • Internal working documents
  • Law enforcement documents
  • Documents affecting legal proceedings
  • Documents affecting personal privacy
  • Documents relating to trade secrets etc.
  • Documents containing material obtained in confidence

Professional Standards and Policies

All staff are required to comply with the Freedom of Information Professional Standards

Freedom of Information Policy
Part II Compliance by Monash University

External Resources to help you make an FOI request

Department of Justice- How to Use Freedom of Information

Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner (OVIC)
The Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner (OVIC) is responsible for conducting reviews of FOI decisions by agencies, handling FOI complaints, monitoring agencies compliance, reporting to Parliament on the operation of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 and providing advice and guidance to agencies and the public on Victoria's FOI regime.

Freedom of Information Victoria
Freedom of Information Victoria provides assistance and general information to help the public access government documents by using the Victorian Freedom of Information Act 1982.

Victorian Freedom of Information Act (1982)