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Give Respect Art Competition 2022
25 April – 16 September

The Give Respect Initiative

After the release of the 2017 Change the Course Report, Monash established the Give Respect Initiative, a multidisciplinary research project undertaken by academics in law, general practice medicine, nursing, health sciences, social work and marketing, along with students.

Give Respect aims to increase awareness of and promote respectful behaviours at Monash and throughout the wider community. The initiative also co-creates training resources with students.

Respectful Communities, in collaboration with the Give Respect Initiative, have delivered the Give Respect Art Competition as part of their ongoing commitment to creating a respectful, safe and equal community.

About the competition

Together, we can create a more respectful community. The Give Respect Art Competition is your opportunity to contribute towards building a more respectful and equitable Monash community with your artwork. Open to all current students and staff, the Give Respect Art Competition promotes these values at Monash.

You need to submit an original piece of art that relates to this year's theme. (Previously submitted works are allowed.) This could be visual art, such as photography, or poetry – anything that could convince somebody to think more deeply about behaving respectfully.

We've created a 2021 exhibition catalogue (pdf, 60.42 mb) where you can view all of the wonderful artwork from last year's competition.

This year's theme

The theme is “It’s time to give respect to...”

  • equality
  • a faith
  • Indigenous culture
  • gender diversity
  • our pronouns
  • myself
  • honesty
  • cultural differences
  • my body
  • refugees
  • my choice
  • personal space
  • consent
  • relationships
  • trust
  • disabilities
  • listening
  • people
  • boundaries


1 x $1000 Prezzee gift card for 1st place student

1 x $500 Prezzee gift card for 2nd place student

2 x Gold Class movie vouchers for 1st place staff

1 x $300 Prezzee gift card for students who submit a communications piece (e.g. a poster or flyer)

How to enter

You need to submit your work (or a photo of it) in a high-resolution format (e.g. 4000 x 4000 pixels), along with a statement about your entry, the story behind it and how it relates to your chosen theme.

Make sure you submit your entry by 11.59pm on Friday 16 September.

Submit your entry

We'll announce the winning entries by the end of October. A public exhibition of submitted works will be held soon afterwards.

Previous winners

Previous winners

Contact us

To find out more about the competition, email us at

Or go to Respectful Communities to find out about our campaigns, events, workshops, training sessions and much more.