Verifiable Delay Functions

Verifiable Delay Functions

Cybersecurity Seminars Online seminar
Tuesday, 08 September 2020
5 pm - 6 pm (AEST)

A verifiable delay function (VDF) is a function whose evaluation requires running a given number of sequential steps, yet the result can be efficiently verified. They have applications in decentralised systems, such as the generation of trustworthy public randomness in a trustless environment, or resource-efficient blockchains.

In this talk, the construction of a simple and efficient VDF is presented, based on groups of unknown order such as an RSA group, or the class group of an imaginary quadratic field. VDFs are reviving research on the arithmetic in these groups, their hardware implementation, and the problem of extracting roots.

About the speaker

Benjamin Wesolowski
CNRS research scientist, Université Bordeaux

Benjamin is a CNRS research scientist at the institute de Bordeaux, France, where he is a member of the number-theory team. He received his PhD from EPFL, Laboratory for Cryptologic Algorithms in 2018 in Switzerland. In 2019 Benjamin was a posdot at Centrum Wiskunde en Informatica Amsterdam, Netherlands and visiting student researcher at University of California, Berkley. Benjamin's research interests revolve around the various facets of Cryptography, with a particular focus of cryptographic algorithms related to number theory and algebraic geometry. Another aspect of his work relates to randomness and blockchain technology.


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